Chapter 1: Adventure!

It was a normal morning... or is it? "Yogurt, Rye, Ernie! I found a map!" Tyler screamed. "Ugh... what now?" Ryan moaned as he was getting ready. "It might be secret treasure!" Tyler replied. And Tyler packed everything in his suitcase. "Uhh... this isn't a vacation... we're going to find the 'secret treasure' that is hidden," Daniel said. Daniel, Ryan, Ernie, and Tyler dreamed of the secret treasure. "I hope it's great!" Ernie said with excitement. "What are you waiting for? Let's go!" Ryan said. And they began following the trail to the treasure. "Bird Voyage!" Daniel joked. "Now where to?" Ernie asked. "East! Then North!" Tyler said. And they followed the map trails. They reached an unknown forest. "Is it just night already or what?" Ryan asked. "I have no idea, where are we anyways?" Daniel replied back. They walked, and walked. "This is scary!" Tyler frightenly said. "You tell me," Ernie said. It was really night. They couldn't see anything. "Ah, darn it! Where's the flashlight?!" Tyler said. Daniel handed Tyler a full batteried flashlight, and Tyler turned it on. So they kept on the journey. "Better keep going, this treasure is ours!" Ryan said in cofindence.
Bird Voyage 1

Chapter 2: Nowhere to be seen

"Wait a second!" Daniel said, "I know this place! This is the woods of the Midnight Manner!" "What's the Midnight Manner?" Ryan asked, looking around him for anything weird. "The Midnight Manner is a bird who lives in these woods, he's sometimes called the 'Blue Devil-Bird' because he has horns, and he's Midnight blue!" "He's a just a legend." Ernie explained. "I don't know, Ernie. I have seen birds that are Blue with horns in these woods, having once played here with some Sleuthwings" Daniel admitted. they continued their search for the Treasure, but it was nowhere to be seen. "It's near Midnight!" Ryan exclaimed, looking at the sky. rustling came from a bush behind Ryan, and two horns poked out of it. Ryan and Tyler SCREAMED. "IT'S THE BLUE DEVIL-BIRD!" they shouted. Daniel stared at the horns, his eyes fixed on them... Daniel remembered seeing a Lazer Bird with those horns, and a Red Bird, but both were Midnight Blue. "He's here... the Manner is here, why? Nobody's been bad." Daniel said, a voice that Daniel recognised from both birds he saw came from out of the Bush. "You are right, I have come to reward you, and tell you that those two birds you saw here, they were me." Daniel remembered the page about the Manner, he was the Gaurdian of an acient Treasure, and he only came out to give it, or if someone was bad.

Chapter 3: The Manner Reveals Himself

The manner came out of the bush, and Daniel saw that same Midnight Blue red bird, in the same Night-shades, with the same horns. "Uhh.. hi." Tyler said. "I seek happiness" the Manner said. Ernie looked around, "What?" "Look!" Ryan said, pointing a glowing object. It came closer, and closer. Daniel grabbed it. "It is now yours" the Manner whispered. "Wow gee, thanks!" Ernie said, and all four walked back home. The Manner vanished into the clouds mysteriously. "I wonder what treasure is inside?" Tyler wondered. "Yeah, me too. Speaking of which, where's your map?" Daniel asked. Tyler checked around. The wind blew the map past them and landed on a puddle. "Oh no! It's soaken! I can't read the directions." Tyler worried. "How are we going to get out this forest now?" Ryan asked.

Chapter 4: Lost

"Ugh... east... and north.. eat, I mean east! I don't know the directions!" Tyler kept worrying. "Calm down, we'll we home in no time." Ernie said. Black heavy clouds started rising, drips starting dropping. BOOM! "We gotta hurry guys!" Daniel shouted, and they took paths. "This way? No, no, no... that way!" Ryan suggesting. BAM! It took 2 hours to get home. "Phew! We made it! We... made it..." Ernie fell asleep. Daniel, Ryan, and Tyler (who was carrying Ernie who was sleeping) made home... wet. "What were you doing outside with your friends? You should dry yourselves." Strawdina said. They went to Daniel's bedroom. "Alright guys, you ready for the treasure?!" Tyler said. "Yeah! Yes we are!" Everyone else said. Tyler carefully opened the chest. "It's... it's... crayons? 150 crayons?!" Daniel said, confused. "Hey, who doesn't love coloring?" Ryan said. Ernie (awake) grabbed some papers and they started drawing. And ever since then, Daniel kept the crayons hidden in a cabinet along with his and friend's drawings.


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