This Is Bill The Orange Bird As Seen Over Here Here's His Information! There is Going to Be A New Picture of Bill Soon! Coming on March Twenty-Sixth,2013

Bill The Orange Bird


Inflating to the Size of The Moon!


April 5th 1968





First Story

None Yet

There Will Be A Page With The Story Of How He Was Born Coming on April 10th!

Here's A Picture Of Bill With Mary!

Bill And Mary Aged 25

When Bill Was A Kid When He Was Seven He Had A Red Botom For His Body Here's The Picturce!

Bill The Orange Bird Happy

He Has A Red Botom,Look Closely!

Now....On The Infobox It Said That Bill Can Expand To The Size Of The Moon Well.................Here's The Awesome Picturce!

Bill Inflated

His Hat Is Really Small Can You Find It?

Right Here Is When Bill The Orange Bird Was Born!

Bill Born

Leave Coments Below If You Found The Hat In The Picture Of Bill Inflated!

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