the birds won their last battle, the pigs surrendered, and never stole the eggs again, but the pigs had bigger plans, they wanted to conqeur America! they defeated the birds, and went to america to conqeur it, little did they know about they're worst enemies rising...

Chapter 1: Two birds, 1,000 pigs

Future Ryan




The pigs had just taken over New York, and dead or unconcious Humans lay scattered. there was no sign of Daniel or Ryan, who were now 70 and 60 year olds. a blast came out of nowhere and killed a pig, and Daniel and Ryan appeared. But they looked different. Daniel had cranky worn down old eyes, and he looked like Somebody's Grandpa, except with hi-tech goggles and a lock-on monocle. Ryan hadn't changed much except he was taller and his color had faded. Well, that and his lack of eyes. Where his two eyes had once been, new bionic eyes where in their place. the pigs all stared and fled into their Demension portal. Ryan activated a button on his eyes, and the Monocle retreated into them. Daniel's Saturn belt contained a whole Demension of Objects, and right now, it had provided a reviver. Daniel revived all the surviving Humans while Ryan Restored all of the Buildings using his eyes to move rubble around without touching it. Then they saw the portal the pigs hade escaped into. Daniel put the Portal in Storage to Detain them. "That should take care of them for now," Daniel said, high-fiving his brother.

More coming tommorow

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