Big M Is A Boomerang Bird. He Has A Long Beak Like a Toucan (but He Is A Toucan) He's Easy To Please But Sometimes He's Very Really Angry If He Knew The Egg Was Missing Or Been Pranked. That He Can't Control His Temper Like The Black Bird. But One Thing Is Worst About Him Is He Frequently forgets stuff..


  • Mimic Any Sound Of Angry Bird (Red,Blue,Yellow,White,Black,Green,Big Brother,Orange,even Pigs!)
  • Spin Around (Less Likely To Get Dizzy)
  • Fly And Swim.
  • Swing paperfan at pig very hard.

Personal Data

  • Full Name: Saharat Tanyawut
  • Nickname: Big M,Greeny,Beaker (Best Friend Only)
  • Affiliations: Chilly (Best friend)
  • Known Aliases: Friends for friends


  • Big M can make a lot of emoticons.
  • He loves chocolate too.
  • Sometimes he uses his beak as baseball bat.
  • He's often clumsy.
  • He's often carefree about places so he could get lost often.
  • He has best friend name Chilly.
  • He also loves to drink a lot of water.
  • His weapon is a handmade hard paperfan.
  • He also to throw an explosive thing at a pig once in a while.



Hi Big m has online now!

Wow, You're sharp one.

Oh for bird sake.

Look! A piggies.

You ask me then I ask who?

A peaceful day once again. eh?
Big M
Big m Sprite
General Info
Powers Boomerang
First Level Appearance: Unknown
First Story Appearance: {{{firststory}}}
Gender: Male
Species: Emerald Toucanet
Strength: Normal
Birth Date: {{{birth date}}}

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