More Facts Soon.

How To Draw Berek.

I. Draw A Circle With A Space At The Left Or Right.

ll.Draw Bomb's Antenna And Color the Antenna Part Black And The Tip Red Bird's Belly Color.

lll.Draw Hal's Beak At The Space In Between.

lV.Draw More Of Bomb's Design.

V.Color The Eyebrows Black.

Vl.Color The Belly Brown.

Vll.Color Hal's Beak Hal's Beak Color.

See An Example From the Profile Picture Of OrangeBomb10.

Rage Rating: 0/5000

You May Cutout The Picture You Made.



Do Not Edit Unless You're OrangeBomb10!
General Info
Powers Forcing Enemies To Go To The Nearest Cake Possible
First Level Appearance: None
First Story Appearance: None
Gender: Male
Species: Duck
Strength: Very Weak
Birth Date: February 26th, 1991

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