Bathtime For Hamm! Title Card
Bathtime for Hamm! is Episode 4 of Season 1 in Angry Birds Toons.

Plot Summary

It's time for Hamm's weekly bath, but this time, he doesn't want to take it!


(Episode starts looking at barrel filled with water. We look up to see Ryan standing behind it.)

Ryan: Oh, Hamm! It's time for your bath!

(We cut to Hamm, in his room, playing with his teddy bear.)

Hamm: Uh-oh!

(Hamm hides under his crib. Ryan hops into the room.)

Ryan: Hamm? Hammy?!

(Hamm's giggle is heard from under the crib. Ryan looks under to find him.)

Ryan: There you are.

(Ryan picks up Hamm and hops out of room)

Hamm: But Hammy no wanna take baff!

Ryan: Hamm, everyone has to take a bath once in a while!

Hamm: Awww...

(Ryan hops back into bathroom. He sets Hamm down on the floor, then takes a bar of soap and sets it on the side of the barrel. He looks back and sees Hamm is gone.)

Ryan: Oh boy. (sighs)

(Ryan hops out)

Ryan: Hamm?!

(The bar of soap Ryan sat on the barrel falls onto the floor and slides a bit, making the floor slippery. We cut to Ryan, hopping around Redmond Manor)

(Ryan finds Hamm in his and Autumn's room. Hamm is hiding behind Autumn.)

Autumn: Well Hamm, you'll have to take it sometime.

Hamm: Awwww!

Autumn: Why don't you want to take a bath?

(We zoom into Hamm's eye, signaling a flashback. We now see Hamm crawling along sidewalk with Harry)

Harry: Ooh! A puddle!

Hamm: Puddle? Wat we do wif it?

Harry: I show you!

(Harry jumps in puddle and splashes around playfully)

Harry: Wheeee!

(Harry hops out)

Harry: You try, Hammy!

Hamm: Otay!

(Hamm jumps in puddle. Suddenly, he stands up, frozen in fear.)

Harry: Wat wong, Hammy?

Hamm: C- C- COOOOLLLLLLD!!!!!!

(Flashback ends and we zoom out of Hamm's eye.)

Ryan: Aw, don't worry, Hamm. The bath won't be cold like a puddle!

Hamm: Woo sure?

Ryan: Of course I am!

Hamm: O-Otay.

(Ryan smiles. He picks Hamm up and hops out, down the hall and into the bathroom. Once in, Ryan slips on the soap bar and drops Hamm.)

Hamm: Waaah!

(Ryan does a faceplant into barrel.)

Hamm: Daddy.....? Daddy?!

Ryan (muffled and hard to understand): I'm okay!

Hamm: Woo take baff so I no have to? Tank woo Daddy!

(Hamm hugs Ryan, still with his head in the tub, then crawls out of the room.)

Ryan (still muffled): Wait, no! Hamm...! I'm stuck!

(Episode ends)

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