"Dada, Mama, Brothee, Sistaa, I wuv you,"

- Baby Bacon about to go to preschool.


Baby Bacon is currently a 1-year old good pig who is being taught on how to defend the eggs and learn usual things. Brocco and Light Master found him wash up on shore at the edge of the woods. He, in an upcoming atory, will be fitted with pigtrooper armour specialized by the birds, to destroy the Pork side. Unlike Hamm, he doesn't have freckles, and only gets freckles when scared. He is like a security alarm to the birds. He can, when he or the birds are asleep, warn himself or the birds if there's something coming or not with his super sensitive ears that can scan noises all around the Islands (Feather Island and Bacon Island). This security alarm thing is similar to Hamm's trouble sensing ears. He now lives with Brocco, Light Master and Carer.


Powers: Sensing trouble and shooting lazers (only when in armour)

First level appearance: Bonus 1-1

First story appearance: None...YET!

Gender: Before: Unknown | After: Male (confirmed)

Species: Pig

Strength: Micro-weak but helpful.

Birth Date: December 24th, 2012 | December 24th, 2010 (Physical Mistake)

Size: Very Small

Occupation: Angry Bird Frequent Character

Baby Bacon likes: Helping the Flock and being hugged.

Baby Bacon loathes: Loud noises, sing, dance and evil.


Affliations: Island fighters, The Flock, The Flock in space, Diaper helpers, Good Pigs, The Frequent Flock.

Nickname: Poop-sensor | Blushy

Known Aliases: Cutie, Go Piggy Go.

Family: The Flock and Good Pigs.

Pigsonality: Jumper, Cautious, Stealthy, Small.

Languages: Hog, Baby words, imagination.


  • His loudest oink was known to stretch across a third of Feather Island and a extra eigth across Bacon Island.
  • He finds Flamro's bacon eating habit quite offensive.
  • He has learnt to laugh at a young age.
  • He striving to become a good model when he grows older.
  • He's also striving to believe more in force and strategy.
  • He wears a diaper although he doesn't poop much.
  • He can only play triangle rhythms and he's quite good at it.
  • He cares for the flock, as seen in a picture where he draws himself with the flock.
  • He goes hyper every once in a while, and goes extra hyper if he eats candy.
  • His full name is Bacon "Streaky" Gammon.

How to draw Baby Bacon:

Just draw Hamm, but the same size as Waza and without freckles.

How to draw Bacon:

Draw a minion pig. You may draw a helmet if you want. Make him slightly bigger than Baby size.

How to draw Bacon in armour:

Draw a pigtrooper, same size as normal Bacon.

You may cut out the picture you've drawn!

Rage Rating: 1/5

- By Blazefire(R)

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