Autumn came into the house, and everything was dark. "I guess Ryan isn't home," Autumn thought as she flicked on the lightswitch. Right at that moment, all the birds jumped out of their hiding places and yelled, "Suprise!" Autumn screamed. Then she saw the big "Happy Birdday Autumn" streamer Ryan had hung up, and she knew what was going on. "Happy Birdday!" the birds cheered. Tyler lifted a platter off of a plate to reveal a big cake (made without any eggs, of course). Ryan hopped over to Autumn. "I thought it would be a good idea to start with presents," he said. Autumn sat down in a chair and began opening presents. Ryan gave her his last. He handed Autumn a tiny hat box. Expecting a hat, Autumn opened it to find the kitten-bird! Autumn gasped. "Oh, it's so cute!" she cooed. She took the kitten-bird out of the box and petted it. The kitten-bird purred. "Let's call her Ashes, because of the color of her fur," Autumn decided. The kitten-bird began bouncing around the room. Autumn smiled from earhole to earhole and kissed Ryan on the cheek. "EEEWWW!" a few of the chicks said. "Oh, shut up," scolded Frostbite.

The End

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