Autumn Sprite

Autumn in the Autumn

It was Fall, before Autumn had layed RJ. Ryan couldn't wait for Autumn to lay an egg so that he could finally become a father. He couldn't understand, though, why it was taking so long. Autumn really wanted to lay an egg, too, as she longed to finally be able to take care of someone who wasn't the nefarious Uncle Jack she used to work for. But like mentioned above, it just wouldn't happen. She couldnt lay any eggs! Two nights before Autumn's birdday, Ryan watched her gaze out the window. A shooting star flew by. "I wish that for my birdday, I could lay an egg," Autumn whispered. The next day, Autumn still layed no eggs. And so, on Autumn's birdday, Ryan wento to the pet-bird store to get Autumn something to take care of. He looked at all the pet-birds at the shelter and had a hard time choosing. Then he saw it.

What does Ryan see? Find out in part 2!

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