There was once a group of poachers. One morning they saw a bunch of birds fly to an island. They planned an attack and started going to the island at 3:00 in the morning. They got there in about 20 minutes and decided to start with The Jhonsons' house. They sent only one of them in. Inside, Strawben and Strawdina were in bed and Daniel and Ryan where sleeping next to them in their crib, when Daniel heard pounding on the door. He started crying (because he was a baby then), waking up Ryan, who also started crying, waking up their parents. Strawben told them he would go see what was going on. When he got out of the bedroom, he saw the human. He had set a match in the house! Other birds in the village noticed the flames and quickly hopped over to help. As they hopped past the human and up the stairs, he grabbed and killed a few with his rifle, taking their corpses for studying. The birds quickly found their way into the bedroom and got Strawdina and the babies out safely. Most birds ran down the stairs while others stood behind Strawben to help him. The human saw Strawdina running down the stairs carrying her chicks. He suddenly picked up Baby Daniel up and started running to the door. Strawben flew fast into the human and knocked Baby Daniel out of his hands, and Strawdina caught him again. The human aimed his gun at Strawben, and shot. Strawben desperately tried to run, but got hit and went limp instantly. Seeing this, Strawdina got VERY angry and chased the human off. The human got back to his team of poachers and told that the birds where NOT worth it, and they sailed off the island, never to return again. Soon, the firemen birds arrived and put out the fire. But Strawdina, Daniel, and Ryan where left sad and alone. Strawdina no longer had a husband, and Daniel no longer had a father.

Sadly, this is the end.

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