Ashes is Autumm's kitty that Ryan got her for her birdday. She is named Ashes beacuse of the color of her fur. She is based on a real grey cat that User:Ryan T. Yellow Bird had that died.


  • She is only a few weeks old.
  • She enjoys to bounce around the house (You'd have to see it to believe how incredibly cute it is to watch).
  • Ashes loves to be petted, especially in her tummy, and seems to like everyone, as she rubs up against anyone she meets and purrs.
  • For that reason, Autumn and Ryan have to keep Ashes inside so she doesn't end up rubbing up on a pig (To find out how that happened, read Runaway Cat-Bird).
  • Her other power besides bouncing what Autumn calls "The Power of Love". To show how strong that is, listen to the following: When Ryan and Autumn are both home, she bounces around the house joyfully.
  • If only one of them is there, she hopps around normally.
  • If neither Autumn or Ryan is home then she just scoots around the house slowly and cries.
General Info
Powers Bouncing/The Power of Love
First Level Appearance: (Never appears)
First Story Appearance: Autumn's Cat-Bird
Gender: Female
Species: Grey Cat-Bird
Strength: Weak
Birth Date: {{{birth date}}}

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