Anne Puffle

Anne Yellow

One night, Chuck and Baby Puffy (Ryan's puffles) where sleeping on the couch when Ben, Pinky, Jimmy, Anne Yellow, and Sunshine Jr. (Some of Daniel's puffles) came in through the puffle door. "Guys, c'mon!" squeaked Ben. "We want to show you something!" Chuck and Puffy exchanged glances. "Where?" Chuck asked. Pinky smiled. "To a place we call... Adventure Land!" and they ran back out the puffle door. Chuck and Puffy looked at each other and followed. They led them to where the Mountain of Misery used to be. All of the quests from the Club Penguin midevil party where still there! "I'm not sure I want to do this," said Chuck. "Yeah," said Puffy. "Ryan says we're not old enough." Sure enough, Chuck was only 4 months old, and Puffy was only 2 months. Daniel's puffles where all a year or older. "C'mon," urged Pinky. "It won't hurt you," "I'm not sure," Chuck squeaked back. "I'm scared." "Me too," added Puffy. "Oh, come on," squeaked Jimmy. "Don't be such babies!" That made Puffy burst into tears. "You guys!" Chuck scolded. "He can't handle teasing! Come on Puffy, let's go home." And they ran off. "Oh, well," said Pinky. Then they heard more sobbing. Sunshine Jr. looked to see Anne Yellow, his mom, sit crying. "What's wrong, Mom?" Sunshine Jr. asked. "I just miss your father so much," sobbed Anne. Anne's mate, Sunshine (whom Sunshine Jr. Was named after), had ran away about a month ago and never came back. The other puffles decided to give Anne some space and continued with their quests. Meanwhile, Ryan was sitting on Ray at his house, patiently waiting for him to hatch. Chuck and a crying Baby Puffy came in via puffle door. "What happened?" Ryan asked. "Oh, he just got his feelings hurt," said Chuck. Ryan picked Puffy up and quieted him down by petting him. After Chuck and Puffy went to sleep, Sunshine Jr. entered through the puffle door. "Oh, hey, SJ," said Ryan. "Hi," replied Sunshine Jr. "My mother would like to become one of you puffles." "Really?" asked Ryan. Anne came in. "It's true," said Anne. "After my mate left, I've been really depressed, and I need some space, but Daniel has so many other puffles." Ryan liked to have as few puffles as possible so he could give each one enough attention. And of course, they would never get lonely, because Ashes, Killer, and Autumn where usually always there. "Plus," Anne added. "I saw how you protected Chuck and Puffy, and I knew you would be a good owner." Ryan smiled. "Of course you can live here." Sunshine Jr. turned to Anne. "I'll miss you, Mom," he told her. "I'll miss you too," Anne replied, as they both hugged. Sunshine Jr. exited sadly through the puffle door. Ryan picked up a crying Anne and gently petted her. "There, there," he said, rubbing her head. "We'll give you a happy home here." He took a tissue and dried her tears. "Thank you, Ryan," Anne said shyly. Ryan took off Anne's pretty pink bow and put it on the dresser for the morning. He took her into the puffle care room and fed her some puffle food. Then he gave her a bath, brushed her fur, petted her for a while, then tucked her in to sleep. "Goodnight, Ryan," Anne told him. "Goodnight," Ryan said, as he turned off the light and closed the door.

The End

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