The Danbot 4000 blasted heat waves at Red King Pigram, but the pig was fireproof. Daniel smacked into it, but did NO damage. So he used his Faker's acid spray! The Danbot attacked, and Daniel use a Bird Emerald Blast. King Pigram roared in anger and pain. It kicked Daniel 10x harder than Mighty Eagle. Daniel smacked into a wall and lost consciousness.

He awoke with a headache. he saw the Danbot 4000 still fighting King Pigram. There were some injuries. The Danbot had a dent and King Pigram had a minor black eye and a acid burn from the Fakers acid. Daniel jumped back into the fight with a war cry, stabbing King Pigram in the back. The giant pig tuned and the crown blazed with fire. Daniel was thrown to the ground.

What happens next? Who wins? Find out in Part 3!

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