Daniel looked at the pigs latest structure. Not bad he thought. It was stone reinforced with double wood and propped up with glass. Daniel launched himself out of a slingshot, destroying the fort and killing the pig inside. A stone block hit King Pigram, who was watching. He got a black eye and a missing tooth, but sadly didn't die. Daniel went up and said "This war ends now. Visoyse!" and stabbed him. King Pigram's eyes widened, then lowered in anger. He tripled his size and turned red. He turned to Daniel, who's beak was dropped in shock. Then, Daniel ran to his lab, Red King Pigram following him, destroying everything. Eventually, Daniel got to his lab and bolted himself in. He graped activated the Danbot 4000. The heroic duo jumped through the window with Daniel to confront the pig.

What will happen? Will they survive? Find out in Part 2!

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