THE TITLE HAS NOT MUCH TO DO WITH ANY OF THE STORY!!! When Piggy Island goes Boom, the Birds have to find shelter and food to survive. Wait, this reminds me, what do the birds even eat? Oh well.


Chapter 1. KA-BOOOOOOM!

Once upo- nah. lets do it this way. One day, the birds were taking their eggs to the garden for a walk. Suddenly, They hear a BOOM! "Bomb! Stop exploding!" Said Red. But Bomb was enjoying the rides. Then suddenly the-BOOM! "Matilda! how many eggs are you gonna lay?!" but Matilda was building a flower crown. "Whats blowing up?!?" Red said. "I dont know!" Said Chuck."Squeal!" went the Blues and Bubbles, along with Stella. "Well SOMETHING is blowing up! And....Oh No! It's an Attack! And they are dropping Nukes! RUN FOR YOUR RESTART BUTTONS! " Screamed Red."What restart buttons?" The Blues asked. "Nothing. Just run dude run!" Screamed Red. As for the pigs, nothing was different. "EVACUATION PLANS READY SIR!" Said Mechanic Pig. "Good! Now go forth and evacuate the pigs! I'll have to get in last!" replied the King Pig (thumbs up for King Pig :D),as he got all the food supplies.

Word Meanings-

1.Evacuate- Run away from danger.

Chapter 2. Fffooooooooddddddd!! 

"Come on inside this cave!" Shouted Chuck. The other birds followed. When they got into the cave, Terrence closed the cave with a big rock. Red lighted torches *Lights torches* OH S*** ITS HEROBRINE!". The Blues and Bubbles looked for a place to put down the eggs safely. Stella and Bomb went to explore, while Matilda and Chuck cleaned the cave and made it sturdy. When the bombing got over, everything was destroyed. Nothing was left and the mountain was bombed so much that it turned into a hill. When the birds were done with their jobs, they went to look for food while Bomb and Terence guarded the eggs.*Story centers to pigs* As the King Pig sat in the evacuation tube, Moustache Pig turned on the lever for the tube. When the pigs and The King Pig left, he sat in the automatic tube and launched himself into the neighbouring island. When he reached the island, called Choco Island (Mainly because of wet soil which looks like chocolate on the map),He met another pig named Thomas. Thomas asked his name and Mustache Pig replied "My name? It's Mustache." Thomas gave him food, and Mustache asked if he had any for the other Pigs. Thomas replied "We have tonnes. Don't worry about your food stack! And by the way, I'm Tom.". Mustache got the food and headed to the rest of the Pigs along with Tom. *Back 2 le Birds* Red and the other returned with a few fruits and some worms. Everybody had their share and they went to restore the rest of the island. Red went to restore the trees, Bomb and Terence went to restore the mountain,which was now a hill. The rest of the gang went restoring grass. While restoring the island, Bubbles saw that the pigs had left to Choco Island. He informed the others and Red sent Bubbles, The Blues and Stella to scout. This story is getting a bit like some survival story eh? Then lets add a twist. They suddenly get a bannana on their head. And then, they all eat the giant banana."Ugh! I'm full!" Said Red. "Me too!" Replied Chuck. "I'm still hungry!" Said Bubbles. All the birds Stare at him. "What?!?" Says Bubbles. "Nothing." Said the birds. They went back to their cave, doing whetever they did during the day. 


Ignore the chapter name. Waffles are not going to fall from the ground in this chapter (aw).

COMIN SOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!111


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