The Flock is stuck in Minecraft! Will they survive and get out? Or will they be stuck in Minecraft forever? Find out NOW! PS- Aether is a MOD and is not originally in Minecraft.

Story Chapter 1- Floating Waffles

"CHUCK! COME AND LOOK AT THIS!" Screamed Red, opening his Minecraft Inventory. "WHAT IS IT?!?!?!" Chuck replied while rushing towards Red and his Xbox 720. Red closed his inventory and got his Diamond Sword, and rushed into the Aether. The game crashed. Red said "Now what? It's broken and I cant play!" Chuck replied "Well, not that I can't help." with a grin on his beak. Then, suddenly, there was a flash and a portal much like the center of the Aether Portal opened and expanded, sucking all of the birds, pigs and the eggs into it. After some hours, Bubbles woke up. "Hey guys, where are we?" He said. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZ" The birds snored. Bubbles got angry. Bubbles puffed up and made all the birds and eggs fall down to the Overworld. "NOOOOOOO!" Bubbles jumped after them, leaving the eggs and pigs on a different floating island in the Aether. *The birds are falling through the sky" SPLAT! "Ouch! Chuck! Y U PUNCH ME!" Said Red. "Huh? Oh sorry did I punch you in the face again?" Said Chuck. *Scene focuses to pigs* "Where are we sir?" Said Timmy, The Little Pig. 

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