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Angry Birds Toons is a series starring the characters of Angry Birds Story. The pilot episode is Speed Attack! Each episode is centered on a different character. The theme song is "Angry Birds Toons Theme Song (Settle Down And Enjoy The Toons)" by The Golden Slumbers.


Angry Birds Toons Season 2 Group Shot

Season 2-3 Group Shot

Main Characters

Other Characters



So far, 44 episodes and 4 seasons have been planned. It has been revealed that the Subject Of Time series will appear in Season 2. The episode "Meet Julia Gardula" has been comfirmed to appear as "His Biggest Fan" in Season 2. A Tyler And Lewis special appears in Season 2.

Season 1

  1. Speed Attack!
  2. Wingman!
  3. Science! With Lewis And Daniel
  4. Bathtime For Hamm!
  5. Evan The Waiter!
  6. Egg Hunters
  7. Technical Difficulties
  8. The Night Of The Were-Bird
  9. On Tour With Tyler!
  10. Kiss The Cook
  11. When Pigs Fly! 

Season 2

  1. Subject Of Time
  2. Subject Of Time: Prehistoric Pork
  3. Subject Of Time: Transformation Trouble
  4. Subject Of Time: Internet Travellers
  5. The Sleuthwing Finder
  6. The Adventures Of Lewis Jr And Eggboy!
  7. His Biggest Fan
  8. Lewis and Zoey
  9. Tyler And Lewis: The Case Of The Missing Goggles
  10. Tyler And Lewis: The Case Of The Goggle Thief
  11. The Secret 

Season 3 

It has been confirmed that Season 3 will feature some serious episodes, with some less serious episodes. Only recently the episode names have been confirmed. ​Apparently, Something BIG will happen at the end that will lead the show into Season 4.

  1. Loyalty to the King
  2. Kashy!
  3. The Master Of Time
  4. The Master Of Time Part 2
  5. How Strawben Met Strawdina
  6. Where Did I Come From?
  7. Playmates
  8. May The Fastest Win
  9. Space!
  10. Our Little Heroes
  11. My Father's Glory

Season 4

It has been announced that Season 4 is in production, focusing on a character who will "return in An Angry Birds Story." Due to this, season four cannot fully be announced until An Angry Birds Story is finished.

  1. Goggles 2.0 
  2. Turbo-Charged
  3. Run Daniel Run
  4. The Pig-Lympics
  5. Courtney Comming


  • Tyler And Lewis: The Case Of The Missing Goggles
  • Tyler And Lewis: The Case Of The Goggle Thief
  • The Master Of Time
  • The Master Of Time Part 2
  • My Father's Glory

Deleted Episodes

  • Flight School

Exclusive Episodes

  • The LEGO Adventures Of Senator Daniel Redmond (Unlock-able with code)


Episode Title Cards

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


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