Chapter 1: The Eggs that were Poached

The Birds were watching the Eggs with loving and caring faces. But meanwhile somes Pigs were watching. King Pig spat out his grass he was eating, "I'm tired of having Grass!" Moaned Helmet Pig. "What we need is those eggs!" Shouted Foreman Pig. As soon as Foreman Pig metioned that word King Pig looked at the Eggs and started drooling at the Mouth. He imagined himself having Cooked Egg and it was yummy and Delicous and... "Boss!" Said Helmet Pig nudging King Pig. "What were you doing?!" He said Half Whispering and half Shouting. "Uh Uh... Nothing!" King pig said Embarresed. In Insect flew up to the Birds Egg and starting Touching them. now Red has a VERY Bad temper when someone got his Eggs. He turned as Red as a Tomato and started jumping on the Insect. Chuck and Bomb came along and cheered him on. Helmet Pig took a Deep Breath and ran as fast as he could towards the eggs, then he Snagged them and ran Back. "Horray!" Cheered Moustache Pig. "Now we can eat it!" he said Pulling out his Glass Lens he took when he acciendently broke his Glasses. The Birds were justing finishing off the Insect. Chuck gave it one last Nudge. Then their eyes slowly Narrowed to the nest. They all Screamed. The Eggs were Gone! Then they looked Further. The Birds came over to them "What are you doing with our Eggs?" There was a Silence. Red Narrowed his eyes "Well?" Another Silence, Helmet Pig Spoke. "Uh... Borrowing? He smiled as Kindly as he Could. Red Turned Red once again, So did all the other Birds. then there was a whole lot of Smoke and fighting Noises. when the Smoke Cleared. the Birds had gotten the Pigs defeated and the Birds took the Eggs back to their Nest.

Chapter 2: A Mighty Hoax

King Pig was Pacing up and down Ashamed of loosing the Eggs. He was thinking of an Idea to get his Eggs back. then Suddenly he got an Idea he got pieces of Cardboard and painted them like him. then he Placed them all around the Place, then he went over to the nest. the Birds were too Busy playing to Notice him. King Pig grabbed the eggs and put them behind his clever Hoaxs. then he ran away. the Birds stopped playing and came to look at their eggs. "Their gone!" Cried Matilda. "No, No, No" said Red. "They got to be around here Somewhere". so the Birds set off to find them. then Bomb came to a Hoax. Bomb looked at it Carfully. then he slowly approached it. then he Bumped it. Nothing. "This is a Cardboard Cutout"! Exclaimed Bomb. he looked behind it. "And here the eggs!" he said again. so he picked them up and took them back to the Nest and all the Birds were Happy Again.

New Chapters coming soon:

3. Danger Starts to fly above with a boomeranging visitor!

4. If you don't succeed, try, try, try again! (Danger above II)

5. Big Brother Bird comes to town.

6. The wild rangers.

7. Mining gems or eggs?

8. The birdday celebration...NOT!

9. When Pigs have enough.

10. Red strikes back (with a few feathers up his sleeve!).

11. The electrical fuse

12. Magical Places


From sunset to jungle.

The Golden Egg.

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