Angry Birds Story Wiki wishes to have a fun and safe wiki, that can make users feel happy and welcome. There is occasionally a vandal attack, but you can always rely on main characters or us admins to take action immediately. Vandalising and spam is UNTOLERABLE. Our policy contains the rules you must follow to avoid consequences. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask an admin. Thanks! -Ryan


13.  There will be no spam on this wiki. 

12.  There will be no negative comments towards other users or their articles.

11.  There will be no links to inappropriate pictures or sites.

10.  There will be no ads anywhere except for on your userpage or blog.

9.  There will be no fights with admins or anyone else.

8.  There will be no racism, sexism, or any other offensive remarks or discrimination.

7.  Talking about religion is fine, but don't offend anyone by making fun of their religion.

6. There will be no innapropriate content on this wiki. The highest should only be PG content.

5.  You can post information and pictures of yourself, but at your own risk.

4.  There will be no off-topic or unrelated articles.

3.  There will be no threatening of other users.

2.  There will be no swearing.

1.  Absolutely no cyberbullying!

Break any of theses rules and you will recieve a warning. You will have but three chances to stop breaking the policy rules before you recieve a block. How long you are blocked will depend on what rule(s) you broke. The rules closer to the bottom of the list are the most important. Breaking them once could result in a month's block. Cyberbullies will be automatically blocked forever with no chances. Please do your best to follow these rules at all costs, and remember- the admins are always watching -_-

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