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The gang return in this exciting second installment to the 'Rise Of The Jedi' Trilogy.

When a mysterious evil tyrant who wants to rule the galaxy threatens the gang, they must travel the universe to prepare theirselves for this threat. But little do they know what suprises are in store for them!


On the planet of Tatooine. A mysterious hooded man watched a battle from a hill. His pupilless eyes glowed. Down below, the fray was no ordinary fray, it was one of revenge.. a fray by a newly-christened Rebel, against a Bounty Hunter... Neither loss would matter to him. He had a clone ARMY, one Bounty Hunter would hardy make a difference. the Rebel's loss would be nothing to him. He was of greater power. Power a mere man couldn't understand. This man was a Dark Lord. This man was the ony thing you wouldn't want stalking you in the dusty wastelands. A war was coming, and he was ready.

Chapter 1: Emotional Pain

Menace Of The Sith Chapter 1

"It's just not the same."

Daniel looked apon the lifeless body of Boba Fett. He felt empty. Sure, he had just killed the very pig that murdered his cousin, but nothing felt the same any more."It's just not the same." Daniel thought to himself.

He was meant to meet Ryan, Tyler and Lando on the outskirts Mos Eisley. But Daniel didn't feel up to it. He looked around suspiciously. He felt like he was being watched. A faint voice whispered a strange language. This startled Daniel. He ran.

Usually, Daniel would be braver. But Lewis's death scarred him. He was weaker. He still had all his strength, but he wasn't himself. He didn't know where to run, or who he was running from. He just ran.

He saw a rocky hill in front of him. He had to climb it. He felt the 'thing' get closer. Rapidly, he scrambled up the mountian.

His uniform got scratched on a nearby rock. Daniel was slipping. He could almost see the surface. He used all his strength to prop hisself up on the edge 

Then, he looked at the wonders on top of the hill.

Chapter 2: Hero On The Horizon

Menace Of The Sith Chapter 2


On the top of the hill, there was a perfect view of the desert. It looked like someone's home. A rusty ship was parked next to what looked like a radio tower. Daniel aproached the empty sand hut. That was when he heard a lightsaber activate behind him.

"Daniel?" A shadowy figure said. He stepped forward. It was Obi Wan. "Why are you here?" He asked.

Daniel felt to embarrassed to say the truth. "I was on my way to Mos Eisley, but I took a wrong turn." Daniel replied. "Do you know the way?"

Obi Wan Smiled. "Come on then." He chucked. As they left. Daniel thought he felt something heavy in his back pocket. He looked into the dust. He thought he saw someone, but they faded away. He felt he was being watched.

As he climed into a sandspeeder, he looked further into the desert. He saw a rock with 'TRUST NO ONE!!!' engraved on it.

He was sure that was real.

Chapter 3: Restricted Territory

Menace Of The Sith Chapter 3


The two birds sped across the desert, when a laser fire hit the speeder. The two jumped out and ran across the desert. The speeder exploded and two unusually shaped stormtroopers stepped out from behind a rock. They removed their helmets.

"RYAN? LANDO? WHAT THE HECK!" Daniel yelled, suprised.


"Calm down. He was lost." Obi Wan explained. "At least he's safe." Ryan suddenly calmed down. "Yeah." Ryan said. "Look, Tyler is going to meet us at the Hoth Base. We need transportation." Ryan looked at some keys in Obi-Wan's pocket. "Anyone got a ride?"

With that, Obi-Wan summonded his vehicle and they climbed in. "Just to warn you guys, a battle has started on Hoth. Tyler needs our help. The empire cannot win. We cannot let them win the battle." Ryan warned.

Then, they blasted off to Hoth.

Chapter 4: Cold War

Menace Of The Sith Chapter 4

"I got the signal."

When they landed, Ryan tracked down Tyler and lead Daniel to him.  "I got the signal." Ryan said. "Why are you here? I thought we agreed on the base." Daniel said, confused.

"I have found extreme energy symbols in this radius." Tyler said. "I have no idea what it is, but the area shows nothing that could emmit such energy." He looked at his energy reader. Daniel could feel a wierd feeling that he knew what it was. "Do you think it's Lewis?" He blurted out. 

Silence fell. Ryan stared at Daniel unimpressed. "LEWIS IS DEAD! GET OVER IT!" He yelled. "WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A GALATIC WAR! YET ALL YOU THINK ABOUT IS LEWIS! NEVER MIND THE FACT I'M LEADING A WHOLE ARMY. ARGH!" Ryan was fuming with anger, and with those words, he stormed off towards the energy spot.

"What's HIS problem!" Daniel yelled to Tyler. Tyler looked at the ground. "I can't tell you. Sorry. I promised him I wouldn't." Tyler explained solemly. Daniel stared in anger. "Ryan. FIRST he dissapears mysteriously and never comes back, next he gets the only friend I had left killed, and does not feel bothered by it." Daniel mumbled.

"Urh. Guys." Cautioned Tyler. "The energy levels are off the charts...."