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When the gang are informed of a prophecy fortelling an evil Sith Lord that threatens the existence of life, they must band together to save the world in the first of 3 stories in the 'Rise of the Jedi' trilogy, telling just what happened during the time of Lewis Skywalker.


The Redmond Rebel flew silently through space. It was a beuaty of a ship, it almost looked like a small Star Destroyer, but painted red. There, at the controls, was Ryan, the top general of the Galactic Bird Rebellion. At his side was his mate, Tyler. "Sir, were exactly ARE we going?" asked Tyler. "We're doing just what Obi-Wan paid us to do," Ryan answered. "We have to find Lewis Skywalker, a blue bird living on Earth." "Where on Earth?" asked Tyler. "For once, I have no idea," Ryan said. "That's why Artoo's steering the ship." R2-D2 was Ryan's eggstromech droid. An eggstromech was a droid that was egg-shaped, hence the name, because it was really good at fitting into small places. They could also pilot ships, which is what R2 was doing right now. He had a built-in GPS to track down Lewis Skywalker. He was sitting in a droid socket, a little place on the front of the ship where he had special droid controls, made for himself. "Why must we find Lewis Skywalker?" Tyler asked. "I don't know," said Ryan. "but I have a feeling we're about to find out." Tyler looked ahead. They were aproaching a rather large planet, the one known as Earth.

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Meeting

Rise Of The Jedi Chapter 1

"Could that be who Kenobi sent us for?"

Just then, out of nowhere, a laser flew at the Rebel at top speed. Before Ryan and his crew had time to react, there was a scream. R2's droid socket had been fried. R2 quickly hopped out and clung to the exterior of the ship. One more laser sent him flying off towards Earth. "Artoo!" Ryan shouted. "Permission to fire ballistically, sir?" Tyler asked. "Permission granted," Ryan said. "Alright, crew," Tyler ordered. "You heard the captain, fire at will!" Everyone in Ryan's crew besides Tyler was a Black Bird, since they generally specialized in blowing stuff up. "Tyler, kill the engines!" Ryan shouted. "KILL THE ENGINES?!" Tyler said. "JUST DO IT!!" Ryan replied. Tyler gluped and turned all power off. The entire ship went dark. The Redmond Rebel fell towards Earth at top speed. Everyone screamed. Ryan quickly activated the parachute. The ship pulled up for a second or two, then slowly floated down to a small island in the Atlantic Ocean.

When it landed, Ryan and Tyler saw the island was filled with birds like themselves. It seemed quite familiar. One ran over wearing a brown newsboy cap, and a white shirt. From the look of the weapons in his belt, he was probably a complicated opponent. Could he be Lewis Skywalker?  No, too red. A blue one walked over to him, the blue one had brown hair and seemed very calm. That guy fit the description more than the red bird. "Could that be who Kenobi sent us for?" Tyler asked, pointing at the blue one. "If the shoe fits, wear it." Ryan replied, "and he's wearing it." "Our orders, sir?" Tyler asked, itching to send out a squad to bring them aboard. He loved commanding fellow troops. "We will go to them, and meet them PERSONALY, not with them bound up." Ryan said, feeling a sense of, strangely enough, connection between him and the red bird. "That red bird looks kinda like Daniel," Tyler said. "Yeah," sighed Ryan, making a sad face. Ryan recalled the day he had to leave Daniel behind on Earth when he was forcebly recruited to the Galactic Rebellion along with Tyler. Suddenly, there was a beep from behind.

Chapter 2: Lewis and Daniel

Chapter 2

"D-d-don't you dare. I-i-i'll shoot!"

Ryan turned around to see R2, quite okay, floating down with his utility parachute. Ryan sighed in relief. He ran up, caught the little droid, and sat it down next to him. "Come along, Artoo," Ryan said. We're gonna talk to those guys." R2 beeped in response.

The red and blue bird turned around. "Look at those guys over there," said the red bird. "I know," said the blue bird. "Their clothes are so two centuries ago." "No, Lewis, those are the Neimonidians, they always dress like that!" the red bird said. "I meant THOSE guys, the yellow and orange bird and all those black birds behind them." "Ugh, they're probably those dang debt collecters again," Lewis sighed. "You know I don't give one shiny lump of Bantha dung about those guys, they take our money just so the Emporer can roll the dough. I'll take care of this."

When Lewis hopped over to them, their ship was broken, he also noticed a rebel logo on their hats. "DANIEL!" Lewis yelled. "COME OVER HERE!" Ryan looked at Tyler with a look of horror.

Ryan watched as Daniel hopped over to the symbol on the ship. "hmmm.. the Alliance Starbird, adapted from the House of Marek, very interesting Graffiti, and very CLEVER too." Daniel said, thinking no more of  it, "how long did it take to set up this little scam of your's, 2 - 4 months i presume?" he said to Ryan, not recognising him. "SCAM?!" Ryan snapped angrily. Daniel backed up and drew his own blaster when Ryan seemed like he would. that was Ryan's final clue, Daniel would ALWAYS draw his blaster when he felt threatened. "D-d-d-don't yoou dare, I-i-i'll shoot!" Daniel said, but he didn't look like he would, he was shivering way too much to get an accurate aim.

Chapter 3: To Space and Beyond

Chapter 3

"Ryan, Tyler, I can't believe you guys are all here!"

Ryan pulled out his blaster. "Go ahead, give me a reason." Daniel's eyes narrowed. They both fired at the same time, but for some reason, it didn't seem like they were trying to shoot each other. It was almost like they reconized each other. Both shots missed. "Who shot first?" Lewis said. Daniel's eyebrow cocked challengly. He pressed a red button on his blaster, deploying it's secret compartments, revealing it's infrared lazer, it's tiny missile shooter, and enlarging the blast hole. "Go ahead, give me a reason," Daniel said, mimicing Ryan. "Okay, okay, you just try that," Ryan said. "I will press charges, you go right ahead." Daniel immediately reconized his brother's sence of humor. He gasped. Ryan smiled. "Greetings, Daniel Eric Redmond, my name is General Ryan Jefrey Redmond," Ryan said. "GUYS!" Lewis shouted, running up to them. They all hugged.

"Ryan, Tyler, I can't believe you guys are all here!" Daniel said. R2 beeped. "You too, Artoo," Daniel laughed. "Hey, wait a minute," said Tyler. "You're Lewis Skywalker!" "Yes, that's my name. But why do you need me?" said Lewis. "We'll explain on the way," Tyler replied. "but for now, we need to get you on the ship. Your presence has been requested by a Jedi Master. You can come too, Daniel." With these words, the four birds and their droid headed on to the ship.

"Lieutenant Andrew, set the course to return to base." Ryan ordered. "Yes Sir!" Replied Andrew, "Shall I turn on the lightspeed, sir?" Ryan smiled, nodding. Suddenly, the ship hovered upwards and took off.

Chapter 4: The Stranger

Chapter 4

"Take this. It is your destiny."

When the ship started to approach land, the only thing arond was a large cave. "Where the heck are we supposed to land?" Lewis said. Just then, the ship landed in the cave. R2 D2 inserted his arm into a control panel, followed by the floor lowering into a secret base. "Well hidden!" Daniel remarked, an impressed look on his face. "Lewis, your presence is required somewhere else. Please follow Artoo. Daniel, come with me." Ryan ordered.

R2 beeped at Lewis and walked off, gesturing Lewis to follow him. Lewis followed R2 along many long corridors, until he approached a large double door that was slightly open. "Please enter Lewis.." A stern, yet comforting voice boomed. "Who are you?" Lewis asked. The cloaked bird did not turn around to see Lewis, though it was as if he already could. "I am the one who seeked you out. Please, come and  have a look at this device." The bird replied calmly. He turned around, his face was covered by shadow. Lewis looked at the object. It was long and tubular. "Take this. It is your destiny." The stranger instructed.

Lewis took the object. The top of the tube lit up to reveal a bright blue blade. Lewis was amazed. Then he saw a small hole in a piece of machinery. Something in his mind told him to stick the blade into the hole. "Go on then." The mysterious bird calmly said. Lewis did so.

Chapter 5: The Awakening

Chapter 5

"Hello, I am Obi Wan Kenobi."

Just then, the room lit up. Lewis was amazed at the shelves of crystallised cubes. They stood high above anyone else, and were separated by huge pillars. Finally, the stranger revealed himself. "Hello, I am Obi Wan Kenobi." Obi Wan said. Lewis was confused. "So...Let me get this straight. I have some sort of weird blue thing that glows, and you are some old crazy guy who acts like you know me and tells me stuff." Lewis stated. "What does that even mean?"

Obi Wan chuckled. He smiled at Lewis then answered. "It means that you are a Jedi. Like your father before you." Obi Wan proudly announced. Lewis was dumbfounded. He was never told about his father. Lewis had so many questions. "Your father was Red Skywalker. A legendary Jedi. That lightsaber you have belongs to your father." Obi Wan told Lewis. Lewis looked at his lightsaber for a minute. He knew what to ask next. Just then, the hooded elder disappeared. Lewis ran to Ryan, Tyler and Daniel to tell them the news. When Lewis and R2 arrived, an alarm was sounding in the Rebel Garage. Ryan was angered. "Those Empire idiots, they've tracked us down. We need to move!" Ryan yelled. "NOW!"

As the Redmond Rebel took off, an attack was in full swing.....

Chapter 6: The Lone Rebel

Chapter 6

"Blasted Empire..."

TIE Fighters were firing rapidly at the Redmond Rebel. Though the shots missed, the ship was still under threat. "Lieutenant Andrew! Generate shield!" Ryan yelled. Andrew looked worried. "Sir, the shield generetor is down." A Private boomed. Ryan was determined to save his friends, could his idea work? Sure it was crazy, but they had hope. After all, this brave general never gives up on those important to him.

"Dan, Lewis, Tyler and R2, get to the escape pod. Men, Guide the TIE Fighers away from us." Ryan ordered. "Serve me well." The Bomb Birds nodded at each other, and Ryan followed the gang to the escape pod. Tyler took the controls and started the countdown. "Launcing in 5....4....3....2...."

Ryan then realised something. Daniel and Lewis were in the wrong pod! But it was too late. Or was it? He pressed the sync pods button. Tyler resumed the countdown, "...1...GO!"

Daniel and Lewis screamed. The pod they were in was aimed for the ground of  a Tatooine desert. They saw Ryan's pod going for the town area of the same planet. They were going to crash! Suddenly, Lewis accidentally activated the parachute.

When they landed, they noticed a TIE Fighter coming for them. Just Then, a shot from an unknown gun hit the TIE Fighter, exploding it. When they turned around, they saw a large, red bird with wavy black hair grimancing at the explosion. By the look of his blaster, he was not one to be messed with.

"Blasted Empire..." He grumbled in his smooth deep voice. At once Daniel recognised him. But he didn't recognise Daniel. "WHO ARE YOU?" He yelled, pointing his gun to Daniel. "WELL?" Daniel gulped. "My name is Daniel. Daniel Redmond, and this is Lewis Skywalker. We need to get to the town."

The stranger pointed his gun down. Grunted, then answered: "Name's Terence. Come this way."

Little did they know that a Tusken Raider had heard them. "OOZIE!" He ordered. "ATWAAAAAA!!!!!"

Chapter 7: Tusken Invaders

Chapter 7


Terence heard the yell of the Tusken Raider, and quickly pulled out his blaster. Daniel did the same. "I'd hide if I were you, blue dude." Terence grunted. Lewis quickly zoomed to the near by rock. Thundering footsteps could be heard. "Ready..." Terence murmured.

Then all of a sudden, Tusken Raiders appeared from all directions. The two gunsmen rapidly shot. Daniel was the first to run out of ammo. He rolled behind Terence, who had alot of ammo left. But before Daniel could reload, a pebble knocked the gun out of his hands. Just then, a large clank came out of Terence's gun. He had run out of ammo too. With Daniel's ammo inside the lost blaster and Terence out of it, there was nothing left to do.

That was when Lewis sped out into the croud of Tusken Raiders on Terence's Speeder bike. Lewis had no idea what he was doing, it was just like a reflex. A heroric reflex. "OOZWAAK!!!" The General yelled, commanding the Tuskens to charge towards the speeder bike.

Lewis backflipped off of the speeder bike and activated his lightsaber. He had never used a weapon before, yet he was completely annihilating the Tuskens. Daniel and Terence could not see this, as they were using their bare hands to fight off the many Tuskens.

Lewis then hopped back on the bike, picked Daniel's Blaster up, then went to Daniel and Terence. "GET ON!" He yelled. While Terence jumped into the drivers seat, Lewis and Daniel hopped on behind him. Then, he revved the engine, and sped off.

Chapter 8: Rebels Reunited

Chapter 8

"Calm Down Pal. It's Me, Lando."

Meanwhile, General Ryan and Tyler were wandering the desert around town. Tyler had noticed Ryan getting more and more agitated. "Come on Ry. They'll be somewhere." Tyler said with a smile. "Yeah. Hostages." Ryan replied. He couldn't believe that he had failed his crew. Suddenly, a shadow of a bird appeared infront of them. 

"You've got a lot of nerve explorin' these parts." He boomed. With those words, Ryan pointed his gun at the shadow. The Shadowy Figure steped into the light.

"Calm Down Pal, It's Me! Calrissian! Lando Calrissian." Lando said, apporaching Ryan for a handshake. Ryan didn't move his gun an inch. "Have YOU seen THEM?" He asked, tensed. Lando smiled "No. but they might be over there." The brown bird replied, jerking at three shadowy figures. 

Ryan and Tyler came running towards them, accompanied by Lando. "GUYS!" Tyler yelled. Ryan was not running however, and held the scruff of Tyler's collar with his beak. Ryan could see them with someone. It was Terence.

"Took you long enough!" Ryan yelled. He was glaring at Terence. "Whadd'ya mean? Terence growled. Lewis waved to Tyler enthusiasticly, causing Tyler to give lewis a worried look.

"So. This is where you've gone off to. Hiding from the war. On Tatooine." Ryan snapped.  "Dan. Lewis. This is none other then former soilder, Commander Terence Redmond."

Chapter 9: Volo Pro Veritas

Chapter 9

"He was the strongest fighter."

Ryan continued to glare at Terence. "He was the strongest fighter." Ryan growled. "And he just vanished."

Terence finally snapped. Tired of the insulting remarks. "I had to stay low profile." He explaned in his deep growling voice. "I couldn't let them know I was here." Ryan was still unamused.

"A Rebel flies by the code of 'Volo Pro Veritas'. We fight for truth. You disappeared at the top of your game without a trace. You are a discrace to the Rebels." Ryan took one last look at Terence, then signaled to the rest to leave. 

Lando lead the way. "I know this former Jawa called Zoey who deals lost vehicles. Maybe she'll have a ride for you guys." As they walked off into the desert, Lewis was thinking deeply about Terence. Who was he? Why did Ryan hate Terence?

It was Ryan who was the most mysterious of the group. He was really strange. Lewis just couldn't work him out. It always seemed like something was tugging on his mind.

Then there was Tyler. Lewis didn't know much about him, but felt like he could trust Tyler. There was something humble about the small orange oriole. 

As he passed through the sand, he saw a rock with 'TRUST NO ONE' engraved on it, as well as some skulls.

Lewis felt dissetled. "Urm Ryan....Where are we?"

Chapter 10: Desert Danger

Chapter 10


Ryan looked around. "Tyler? Anything?" The disgruntled general asked. Tyler checked something on his belt. "The signals are scrambled." Tyler said. Suddenly, sandy dust filled the desert.

The shadows of many pigs was all the group could see. "Guys!!!!" Lewis yelled. Tyler could feel something heavy attached to him. "I CAN'T MOVE!!!!!!" Tyler yelled. He also felt something reach into his pocket. "MY GUN!" Tyler yelled.

Ryan, Dan and Lewis all felt the bulky object. In fact, they were all attached to one chain. 

Lewis could see a pig that seemed to have something attached to his back. He seemed to lead the pigs. Lewis also noticed Lando's disappearance. 

As the chaos got stronger. Lewis saw the tuskens from earlier. One had a frying pan. Lewis was suddenly caught up in his thoughts. Terence. Why would he save them from the tuskens. Especially if he was a bad guy like Ryan reckoned. 

That was when all of a sudden, Lewis felt a tremendous pain on the back of his head, and lost consiousness.

Chapter 11: Brand New Reality

Chapter 11

"What's Up, REBEL?!?"

Ryan could make out the shape of his friends. But something was different. They looked meaner. "Hey! It's that useless general!" Daniel yelled. Tyler and Lewis laughed. "Get outta the way, freebird." Tyler shouted. "Pigs rule now."

Ryan could see the deformed shape of Grand Hog Tarkin laughing menacingly at the shadows of many destroyed planets.

It was like a nightmare. The empire controlling the galaxy, his crew against him. It was awful.

Suddenly, two birds that looked like Ryan appeared. "Mother? Father?" Ryan asked. His voice echoed. His 'Father' looked down on him. His mother cried.

"Father? You are no son of mine. We are ashamed of you." His father boomed. Ryan was sent flying backwards. He could see his parents turning into pigs. One was Grand Hog, and one was an assistaint. "What's up, REBEL?!?" One pig uttered.

Suddenly all turned blue, then white.

Chapter 12: The Grand Scheme

Chapter 12


Ryan's vision finally cleared to see a pig controlling an eletrocution chamber. He looked across to see Tyler in chains, burnt out. "Tyler?" Ryan asked. 

Tyler twitched. "THE TACO RACE IS INVADING!!!!" He yelled. Then Tyler finally woke and looked at the situation. "Aww Man." 

Before the rebels could say any more, the menacing body of Grand Hog Tarkin entered the room. Holding two guns.

"Looking for something?" The Beefy Baddie growled. He pointed the guns to Ryan and Tyler.

"ADMIT IT! WE'VE WON!" Tarkin yelled. Tyler breathed a sigh of depresion. It was over. They had failed the galaxy.

Ryan was swaying slightly. "AAARGH!!!" Tarkin yelled, Shooting the guns. The shot freed Ryan, and Tyler deflected his shot on his belt buckle.

The two regained their guns and ran off, chased by Tarkin, to find the rest.

Chapter 13: Finding Daniel

Chapter 13


Ryan and Tyler ran the hallways looking for Daniel, who was looking for them.

"Come on." Daniel said worriedly. He had been searching for a while now, and he was pretty sure that the Bounty Hunter was on his trail.

Questions were crossing Daniel's mind. What was the thing that Lewis owned? Why was Lewis so importaint to everyone? What was Ryan doing here?

As he crossed a shiny surface, he could see his reflection. "Is my hair really THAT scruffy?" Daniel asked himself.

Suddenly, Someone bumped into him. It was Ryan and Tyler. But before they could catch up with eachother, they were surrounded by Pigtroopers. "Urm, Ryan." Daniel said in confusion. He saw the Bounty Hunter running along a corridor. He then had an idea.

Daniel tapped a canister on Ryan's belt. It was a smoke bomb. He then threw it, and signaled to the team to run after the mysterious Bounty Hunter.

"Nice Work Dan. I might make you an Official Rebel soon." Ryan said as they ran off after the foe.

Chapter 14: The Interrogation

Chapter 14 Part 1

"What's a Rebel?"

Suddenly, the door shut behind the bounty hunter. They were locked out.

Inside the room it was dark. Lewis could feel himself dangling from his imprisoning chains.

The room lit up with blinding light. Lewis made out the shape of a pig with a gun.

"Hey." The Swine grimly smiled. "I've got a few things to ask you." He pulled out his gun. "Where is...the rebel base?"

Lewis was about to tell him, but then he had an idea. "Rebel? Base?" He asked, confused. "What's a Rebel?"

The pig suddenly seemed agitated. "WHAT ARE REBELS!?!" He yelled "YOU HANG AROUND WITH THEM!"

Lewis was smiling on the inside. The pig was falling for it. "So...They have a base?" Lewis asked. "I haven't seen one."

"OH FOR PIGS SAKE!" The meaty menace yelled. "I AM BOBA FATT AND YOU WILL ANSWER ME CORRECTLY! NO LIES!" He was fuming with anger. 

On the outside of the door, the Trio were working out a way to get in. 

Chapter 14 Part 2


"ARGH!" Daniel sighed. "I just can't crack the code." He was using a frequency reader to find out how to open up the door. Tyler looked at a piece of armour on the floor. It had a pattern on. 

"Hang on." Tyler said. He held the pattern up to the control panel. The doors opened.

"Way to go, Ty!" Daniel said. They went down into the corridor, and opened the other door. Daniel ran into the chamber, but stopped as soon as he saw Boba's gun pointed at him.

"What ya doing, FEATHERS!" Boba yelled. Daniel froze in fear. His gun was destroyed in interrogation. "Goodbye!" Boba cackled. He fired the gun. The shot was approaching Daniel fast. He was done for.

Suddenly, Lewis jumped out of nowhere into the line of fire. "LEWIS! NO!" Daniel cried.

"Run." Lewis said with his last dying breath. The shot blasted him into a shaft that lead to outer space. He was lost forever. Daniel ran as fast as he ever had, trying to dodge Boba's blasts. 

The trio ran through every corridor, trying to find a hangar. "I NEED BACKUP!" Ryan yelled. He was determined to lose no more birds.

When they made it to the hangar, a ship was waiting for them. It was Lando in the Millennium Falcon. The birds sllid in and buckled up.. "LANDO! WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Ryan yelled. "No problem." Lando replied.

Then, the Falcon took flight.

Chapter 14 Part 3

"A war is on the horizon."

"Thanks for saving us. How did you know?" Tyler asked, confused. The signal only hit Rebel software.

Suddenly, R2 D2 rolled in. Ryan turned around. "But?" Ryan gasped in confusion. "I lost you guys, and found him." Lando smirked.

Daniel was looking out of the window. He was depressed after the loss of his best friend. Tyler looked at him, trying to find the words to say. "He was brave. Taking his life for yours. He died a hero." Tyler comforted. "That's all that matters."

Ryan was not bothered mainly by Lewis' death though. "A war is on the horizon. I never thought it would come to this. All these years of training have came to the circumstances we are in. They are becoming stronger. We must be prepared. Take us to the base on Tatooine. It is a code A113." Ryan warned solemly. "A rebel's duty is to protect the universe. That is what we shall do. We may of lost a friend. But I must not lose anymore." He tuned around to Tyler and Daniel.

"The War Has Begun."


Lewis Skywalker found himself on a strange planet. There was moss and grass everywhere. "Urm...ANYONE HERE?" He yelled in confusion. Suddenly, a croaky voice spoke up. "Answer your question, I can."

Lewis Skywalker Will Return