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These are the Star Wars versions of the gang in the Angry Birds Star Wars trilogy. This Character Collection doesn't include those from the prequel trilogy.

Lewis Skywalker

Lewis Skywalker Black Robes

Lewis Skywalker


Lewis' Lightsaber

Lewis Skywalker is one of the main characters in the trilogy. He owns a blue lightsaber given to him by Obi-Wan. Lewis does not wear goggles in this form as they are in a pocket in his costume. Even though he mainly resembles Luke, his hair is brown. He drives a blue X-Wing and a blue pod racer. He becomes a Jedi Knight at the start of episode 2 after visiting Dagohbah. In Episode 1 , he is supposedly killed after sacrificing himself for his friends safety, but he was destined to be a guardian of the Force, which kept him alive and allowed him to return in Episode 2. He has a new power of force portal, allowing him to dissapear at will. He is a guardian of the force, meaning that he is extremly talented with the ways of the jedi. He is one of the most powerful Jedi,


Lewis appears in many different outfits throughout the series.

  • Black Robes

His Black Robes are a sign of his status as Jedi Knight. Their main power is to repel pure evil. He is given them on his first visit to Dagohbah.

  • Casual Clothes

Lewis appears in a tan robe and belt set for most of Episode 1.


Daniel-Shadow Trooper

Daniel Redmond, Shadow Rebel

Daniel is a main character in the Episodes. He is mainly seen wearing his Shadow Rebel suit and he infiltrates the Empire in this suit to cause it's downfall with the other Rebels. He also appears in the same suit as a Rebel Shadow Soldier on Hoth. It is revealed that Daniel was separated from Ryan when Ryan And Tyler became rebel troopers. Daniel appears around Lewis alot, as they are a prophisiced team.

He is introduced as more of a main character in Episode 2.


Like Lewis, Daniel is seen wearing many outfits during the series.

  • Jedi Robes

When not involved in combat with Imperials in his black suit as a Rebel Trooper, Daniel is wearing a Jedi Outfit. He is awarded Red Robes on Dagobah. In the series, Daniel starts wearing these in Episode 2 onwards.

Jedi Daniel is also the most rare Lego minifigure to find in a set, due to him only being seen wearing it in Cloud City and Episode VI sets. Daniel's robe is red instead of tan, but Daniel wears a Tan one in Jabba's Palace, and the Desert Skiff.

  • Casual Outfit

Like Lewis, Daniel is seen in his casual outfit for most of Episode 1.


This variant is seen in the lego games and in a F.F.S. It is seen as an unlockable character in the game.

  • Masterless Padawan

Daniel is known as this because he is only a beginner-level jedi, called a padawan. It was only until later that this name was lived down. he was known to wear a cloak. this is an unlockable character in the lego game.

Silver Shadow

Silver Shadow-Bird

The Mysterious Silver Shadow!

Silver Shadow is a Rebel Mercenary who bears a resemblance to Daniel, although they have little ties to each other. that ski mask and visor may be extra secretive, but that Suit looks awfully firmiliar...

He is seen with two lightsabers in "Lego Angry Birds Star Wars: The Video Game" which are the same two lightsabers Daniel uses, being one of the few ties between them. In the Episodes, he only uses one, but has two in his holders. his lightsaber is silver. When ever he hears mention of Rebel General Ryan, he seems to act a little... odd. Lewis Skywalker is the only one on record who knows the identity of Silver Shadow, but there may be someone else. Silver Shadow's identity will be revealed in episode 3. It is known that Lewis has wore the suit before, but he wore the suit for fun. Many think it is Terence due to the deep voice, but according to Lewis "Terence is too big."

General Ryan

Rebel Ryan

Ryan Redmond, Rebel Trooper

Rebel Ryan is the brave and intelligent general of the rebel team. He is usually seen with Tyler as his brother has teamed up with Lewis. Despite his constant denial of it, others think he might just know Silver Shadow's identidy. At one time he was even suspected to be Silver Shadow, as they have similar personalities and both act odd at the mention of one another. Even though he has an important role as general of the rebel gang, Obi-Wan thinks he can do more... Despite being a general, Ryan is still very practical and likes to crack jokes when the going get's tough. Ryan pilots a red ship like the Falcon called the "Redmond Rebel". He has a strong relationship with his cousin Tyler and participates in many battles with him. He has a lightsaber, but barely uses it, as he strongly believes that "Lightsabers are for Jedi. I'm just a rebel general who doesnt even know the Force."

Grand Master Ryan

Grand Master Ryan

Ryan using his Force-Sence

Grand Master Ryan is Ryan after learning the Force from Obi-Wan. He sports a sleek black robe and a new stylish shade of yellow due to the Force flowing throughout him. Obi-Wan discovers he is extremely talented at using the Force and is just as skilled as Jedi Master Yoda. He also learns how to use his lightsber, but still uses it rarely as he uses the force as his main weapon. Because of his extremely high standard, at the end of Episode III he becomes the head of the Jedi Council. He is still assisted by Tyler, as Tyler is the top informant of the Jedi Council. He often goes on missions himself when needed, but when not he stays around at Coruscant to help teach younglings and assist the Republic in any way he can. He has also combined Jedi with Rebels to make an ultimate team. He mainly appears in this form in the "The Next Generation" saga that features Lewis Jr.

Ryan's Bubblegum Lightsaber



Whe Wop Whew!

R2-D2 is Ryan's "eggstromech" droid. He became Ryan's friend and assistant when he was given a life-sized model of an eggstromech droid when at a younger age by Obi-Wan. Years later he made the model into a droid, and programed it like a real eggstromech. Ryan calls him by the name of "Artoo" and loves him very much. Artoo is constantly seen at Ryan's side and cares deeply about his master. He is very brave and friendly, and ends up being the hero of the day on several locations (Who knows, he might end up being a main character in an upcoming episode!). He helps Ryan pilot the Rebel and can drive the ship even with out Ryan's help!

Rebel Officer Tyler

Rebel Officer Tyler

Officer Tyler Franks

Rebel Tyler is the main teammate of Ryan on the Redmond Rebel. Tyler is a Jedi Warrior and a Rebel Officer. He understands that Lewis and Daniel are on a mission for Obi Wan, but he misses adventuring with his brother, Lewis. His new lightsaber was given to him by Obi Wan Kenobi and it is similar to the lightsaber of Silver Shadow. He also wields a blaster. His Blaster is an advanced AK-44, Given to hm by Lewis when he started to use hs Saber. At the end of episode III, Tyler becomes the general of the rebels.

He is braver as a jedi. While his Lightsaber has just 2 Crystals instead of Three, It's still as powerful. He's also one of the few Jedi (Along with Ryan, Daniel and Lewis) That is able to use the Force Lightning. His special move is the Force Repulse. He's also very skilled at defendng himself without having to use his Lightsaber or Blaster, using powers like Force Push, Force Repulse, Force Lightning and the Mind Trick. When he uses the Mindtrick on a useless enemy, he says stuff like I'm not your enemy Or You will not attack me. And with more skilled enemies, Kill yourself Or.. Ergh... I don't know. He doesn't appear as a Jedi in any of the episodes, but he will wield a lightsaber at somepoint.

It has been recently confirmed that his father will appear in the prequels. His father will be renamed 'Diego' to avoid confusion, as the gang aren't born until the end of the last part of the prequel trillogy.


Rebel Terence

Terence, Bounty Hunter

Terence is a bounty hunter. Terence dyed his hair black when he became a bounty hunter. Chewbacca and Terence are good friends. It is revealed that he was once a Rebel trooper.

He became a bounty hunter after "quitting" the Rebel Alliance. His weapons are nunchuck lightsabers, that were made by his younger brother Daniel, and a blaster. Terence is a Jedi, but he doesn't use the force.

Lindsay Skywalker

Mara jade skywalker
Lindsay is a Jedi girl is Lewis Skywalker's sister is new here in Tatooine

She is Sweet, Good, Cute, Pretty and Smart

Lieutenant Andrew

Rebel Andrew

Andrew, Rebel Fighter

Lieutenant Andrew is a member of the Rebel Alliance who works as a navigator of the galaxy. His job is to track down enemy bases, something he has a great knowledge of. He has always wished to be part of the big adventures that the main rebels take. In Episode 1 , he is seen working on the "Redmond Rebel".

He is seen regularly with his fellow rebel troopers and takes part in most of the rebel battles.

In Episode 2, he is seen with his own X-wing that he has named "The Dimension Dasher" due to its fast speed.

Demon Sith

Dark Sith Lord

A Demon Sith, Namely Spanner

The Demon Sith are the main antagonists of the saga. They resemble the form of Red Skywalker who gave his life to stop their creaton, but demon siths have black hair instead of brown.

Only few demon sith are named, like Overlord and Spanner.


Spanner is the demon sith concounterpart to Daniel. He is seemingly killed by Daniel in episode 3. He returns in the second trilogy due to the Demon Sith's ability to regenerate parts of their bodies unless they are TRULY killed.


JEK 14 is the name given to demon sith warriors. They look like Demon Sith only they wear white clothes. They are created in an abandoned cloning facility and due to the use of Force Crystals they have the force.


Oberon is a demonic sith who goes by the alias Overlord. He is equal in power to Lewis. Oberon is the leader of all sith and is looking for a way to get to full power. He is partly killed in The Phanton Clone by Red Skywalker, but appears in the Original trilogy as his 30 year old self. He wears a ring of power called "Obivion" that uses a force crystal. It allows him to manipulate his force power and the power of others. He can also summon balls of force lightning.

Red Skywalker

Red Skywalker

Red Skywalker

Red Skywalker is Lewis' Jedi father. He resembles both Daniel and Lewis. Many have compared him to Lewis Skywalker. He used to be a part of a team with Strawben. He is metioned frequently in the original trilogy featuring his son.

Red mainly appears in the prequel trilogy about the rise of Oberon. His blue lightsaber was passed down to Lewis. It is revealed that he is also a Guardian. He is the true owner of the Gander I.

It is known that Strawben has always envied Redrick's guardian status. Though it is stated by Obi-Wan "Being a guardian is a gift, not a status."

Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker Bird

Anakin In The Prequels

Anakin appears in both the Prequel and Original trilogies as a helper. instead of becoming Darth Vader, Anakin was persuaded by Obi-Wan that should he join the dark side, he would kill, and not save.

In the prequel trillogy, he is first seen at the banquet. He also appears at the councils and helps secure the temple when the sith attack under Oberon's order.

Princess Courtney

Leia pink
Courtnes is a Princess cute and sweet

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