Chapter 4

Edmond begins to cry. "It's okay, pal. i've lost somebody too." Ryans says. "You told me about him. It must have been hard to lose your brother so young." Edmond says. Master Ryan looks at him. "You know why i named you Daniel? because you remind me so much of him. not many people know what had happened with the Dark Beast. i was there, and i tried to help, but your uncle... but he just wanted to get rid of it. Before i could do anything, the Dark Beast tore his goggle strap in half and threw him into the woods beyond. When i found him, i was too late to save him. The Dark Beast vanished after that, and there was no longer a sign of it's existence anywhere. Grandma Strawdina shut down his lab, and sold all of his inventions. After the funeral, nobody mentioned your uncle's name anywhere. I did manage to fix his goggles two years later. They were too small for Autumn, too big for me, and Muna didn't even want to TOUCH them anymore. she wouldn't even look at them. but when i found you, i knew who COULD fit those on." Ryan points at Edmond's goggles. "that's why you have those.". Edmond stares. Wait, i'm wearing HIS goggles? Edmond thinks. I'm wearing goggles that were torn up? i don't even see the tear! Master Ryan goes downstairs and sitd with Autumn. Edmond hops into the house, sits by his bed, and wipes his tears.

Chapter 5

Daniel Edmond Johnson

I'm okay!!

Ryan and Autumn are relaxing in the living room when Robbie II bursts in with a gun pointing at Ryan's heart. Edmond rushes to save his father, and Robbie shoots at Ryan, getting Edmond instead. Autumn and Ryan both shout "NOOO!", Ryan takes out a beam gun and shoots Robbie right there. Edmond, like Daniel, heals. Robbie gets up and aims at Autumn and says "if you don't surrender now, the girl gets it!", Ryan sees Edmond pull something out of the closet... a sheild! Edmond puts it in front of Autumn, blocking the gunfire. Ryan picks up his old sheild, and throws it at Robbie, knocking Robbie out. Tyler hops over, much older (30 years old now), and Ryan greets him. Edmond, due to being shy, goes inside and shuts the door. Autumn follows him in, and sits with him in his bedroom. Autumn tells him more about his uncle, and all the adventures Ryan talked about as a kid. Autumn mentions Strawdina, and Edmond asks who she is. "Strawdina is your Grandmother, she's never met you, and doesn't want to for fear she might remember your uncle." Autumn says. Edmond sighs, and asks if all his relatives have that fear. Autumn shakes her head and tells him that only his Grandma and Grandpa have that fear. Edmond asks for some alone time, so Autumn hops out of the room. "Way to break it to him gently," Ryan says. "I know," sighs Autumn. "I just didn't know any other way to tell him."

Chapter 6


Daniel at that Moment

Edmond hops to the Redmond Mansion and when Strawdina opens the door, gasps. Strawdina invites him in, not thinking of Daniel at all. Strawben shows Edmond Daniel's room, trying not to think too much of Daniel as he does so. When he is left alone in Daniel's room, Edmond comes toward the cupboard, it opens wide, revealing the enterance to the "captured ghosts" room. Edmond goes in, and sees a machine that he saw in a book, the Ghost Maker 3000. Edmond backs up, and ends up backing up into a coffin, scaring him more. Edmond looks inside the coffin, and sees a wrapped mummy of some bird. Edmond screams and backs up, and turns around, but part of the wrapping gets stuck on him, and the mummy falls towards him. he turns around, and it goes flying into the Ghost Maker 3000. it turns into a ghost, and as it turns out, it's DANIEL'S ghost. Edmond runs upstairs with the ghost trailing him. the ghost turns around, goes back into the Ghost Maker 3000, and turns into a regular bird. he isn't a corpse, but instead a live bird. Edmond gasps when he sees his Uncle is alive. Daniel runs upstairs, and out of the mansion, and looks at the village, which is now a huge technological city. Edmond shows his uncle around, but instead of Daniel, calls him "uncle Red" as not to stir up any rumors. Edmond comes back to the house, and Ryan and Autumn aren't home.

Chapter 7



Evan comes up to the door and knocks. Daniel answers it, due to having none of his Indentification Items on, Evan thinks Daniel is just a normal Red Bird. Evan leaves, and Master Ryan comes home With Autumn. Daniel hides as not to be noticed and disrupt the whole conversation. Later, Edmond hears knocking at the door, and sees Strawdina and Strawben waiting outside. They come in and go to Ryan, who is holding Daniel's hat, and when he sees them, hides it. STrawdina tells him she saw Daniel's hat and he was to give it to her now, but Ryan refuses and throws it to Edmond, who puts it on Daniel and takes off his goggles and puts them on Daniel. Daniel hops out of the shadows, making Strawdina and Strawben run away in terror of the memories. Ryan turns around and gasps. "Daniel," Ryan says. "Is that... you?" Daniel smiles. Autumn puts her arm around Edmond as Daniel and Ryan hug. Just then, a peice of Machinery from Daniel Labs in Ryan's pocket collides With Daniel's goggles, causing Daniel to suddenly grow in size and age. Daniel's hat and goggles, due to them being too tight now, go flying off of Daniel.

more soon

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