This is a story from Angry Birds Fanon Wiki, but I modified it to fit this wiki.


Chapter 1

Master Ryan and Robbie the Red Bird's son, Robbie II, attack King Pigram and lock him up.

They leave the fortress in the Space Eagle Shuttle, their rocket that has the power to go through time and space, and prepare for Lazer Bird Speed. The controls malfunction, and the ship splits with the birds inside.

The pigs use the hose to break in to tell them that they don't wanna hurt them and so they washed the ship so it wouldn't disentegrate. Robbie looks over to Master Ryan, the smartest, to see if they should trust the pigs. He recluently says yes and the birds jump out of the ship, land in the water, and swim to shore. The pigs, however, are stuck in the ship and die instanly when the ship hits the ground. Robbie meets his girlfriend on the beach and she tells him shes pregnant. Later Robbie asks Master Ryan to be a Master like him but he doesn't accept as Robbie can get too touch and agressive. Robbie gets so enraged that he decides to turn against Master Ryan and the other birds. Later Robbie's Big Brother asks him why he's so angry, but Robbie refuses to answer and kills him. Daniel's decendent, Daniel EDMOND Redmond appears sneaking in trying to find out about who tried to kill his father. Robbie finds him hiding in a trunk full of fuel cans. Robbie thinks Edmond was going to hurt him, but Edmond Just Stares, and Then Jumps Out.

Chapter 2

Later Ryan and Robbie with his girlfriend are now on Scorn's Old-Abandoned Volcano Mountain where Ryan and Robbie fight each other. Ryan uses he and Daniel's long lost thunderblade and Robbie uses a spare badblade sword he stole from Fireworks Dave's old office on the volcano.

Soon in the middle in the fight a tower covered in magma falls and sinks but the birds hop on platforms and continue to battle. Ryan wins and Robbie retreats. Edmond ran quickly runs to shelter, and a Black Bird Shouts to Him as A Tower Crashes To the Ground Behind Edmond, nearly landing on Master Ryan.

Robbie's girlfriend is laying her eggs, and when she finishes, she dies. Muna II attempts to save her by donating oxegen and blood, but just ends up failing her own life, and is not even able to save Robbie's girlfriend. Edmond Sees This and Runs back only to be rewarded by a dead corpse. Edmond imediately Pulls Muna up to a Platform, refusing to think her Dead. Master Ryan appears and tells him the story of how he knew Edmond's uncle, Daniel ERIC Redmond, who was killed by the Dark Beast.

Chapter 3

Robbie arrives and when he finds out his girlfriend is dead, destroys almost every thing. Edmond Stops him immediatley, screaming "NO!" Finally, Edmond Bangs Agianst the wall. Robbie stops and turns around, seeing a cracked wall and an Angry Edmond.

At the funeral they see Robbie's girlfriend and Muna's bodies dead on deathbeds. Edmond watches with Master Ryan from his roof sadly, Finally accepting Muna is Dead.

what will Edmond do? will he try to Reverse time to meet his uncle? Can Master Ryan help? find out in part 2!

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