Angry Birds: The Movie, also credited as Angry Birds or Angry Birds: Lost in The Big Apple is an American film produced by AuXo Entertainment and Red Lamp Studios. It will be released on July 3rd, 2014.


      The Angry Birds live happily together on Piggy Island. Until, some poachers take them to none other to The Big Apple. The Birds need to find a way out, or else they will be stuck there forever!


Live Action Actors

Ryan Reynolds as Seth Mitchell

??? as Katherine Simmons

??? as Sir Frederick Brooks

Chris Cooper as President Anderson

Voice Actors

Reid Scott as Red

TJ Miller as Chuck

Tara Strong as The Blues/Bubbles

Eric Jacobson as Matilda

Diedrich Bader as Bomb

Frank Welker as Terence

Grey DeLisle as Stella

Steve Buscemi as Hal

Jim Carrey as King Pig

Charlie Day as Moustache Pig

Tom Kenny as Corporal Pig

Bob Bergen as Minion Pigs 

Morgan Freeman as Mighty Eagle


The film will be directed by Peter the Lazer Bird. It will feature 2-D animation on Piggy Island, similar to Angry Birds Toons, but then will be converted to CGI and live-action during the New York sequences. 


The first trailer and teaser poster have yet to be released.

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