Chapter 1:The Plan

On a sunny afternoon,the angry birds were resting near their nest.Chuck said"It's so boring!".Bomb replied"So guard the eggs if it's so boring!" So Chuck guarded the nest.Soon moments Chuck grew really tired a d decided to sleep.

A the King Pig castle

"I am so hungry!Where is my food?"Then a minion pig said"Your Majesty,we could steal the eggs for you!"What a great idea"King Pig said."Go with Soldier Pig."Ok"Minion Pig said."Make sure they are sleeping then we creep up to them."

Chapter 2:Stealing

They gave the eggs to King Pig.King Pig said"We will cook them in 3 days."."Ok!"said all the pigs,excited.

Chapter 3:A bad Discovery

The birds woke up.They checked their nest and to their horror,the eggs were gone!Then Red noticed pig footprints.He told the others that Pigs stole the eggs.So the birds rushed into the Pig's castle.Then they saw them preparing them.

Chapter 4:Cooking for the Pigs

The King Pig was wanting to eat the eggs.The King Pig said"I see the birds.Build a structure quickly!".Then the birds arrived with their sling shot."Give our eggs back!"Red said."Make me!"King pig said angrily."I'll make you"Red bird snapped angrily at him.

Chapter 5:The Fight

"I'll show you King Pig".Then Red put himself on the slingshot at pulled at the rubber and,there he goes.Then he hit a TNT.It fell down on Foreman Pig."Oh no!"said Minion Pig scared.Then Bomb went on the slingshot.He hurled himself at the King Pig,but he fell on block and he was alive."Hahahahahahahahah Ha"King Pig laughed evilly.Then it was Chuck's turn.He hurled at a rock and knocked it down and killed 5 minion pigs in a row!Then all who was left was King Pig.He was scared,because his servants were dead.Well,it was too late to say surrender.Matilda launched herself and burst her white egg on King Pig.Well,he ran away so he wouldn't get hit."At least we got the eggs back."said Stella."Your right."Red said.So they took of there eggs and had a peaceful day together.THE END

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