These are stories based off of Aesop's famous fables, with all well known morals. Let's start with...

Angry Birds Fable 1

The Piggie Who Wanted to be as Big as the Mighty Eagle

Based off of: The Frog and the Ox

One day, there were three little pigs playing in the mud. They were having fun, when suddenly the Mighty Eagle appeared. The three pigs rushed home as fast as they could. They told there papa, "PAPA!! PAPA!!! There is a monster, and it's really big!!!!" "Well," said the father pig, "I can grow to be as big as the monster." So he puffed himself up. "Is the monster this big?" he said. The oldest brother replied "No, papa. He is bigger!" So he puffed himself even bigger and asked "Is he this big?" "No papa, he's even bigger!!!" replied the middle brother. So, the papa puffed himself even BIGGER and asked "Is he this big?" The youngest brother said "If I told you he was even bigger, which he is, then you would puff even bigger, and then blow up!!! Please don't let pride kill you daddy. I love you." "Aww Boys!" the papa said. he hugged his sons. the Mighty eagle swooped down and missed the papa pig by an ear. " i promise not to let my pride kill me. and we mighht even become good pigs from now on!" the papa pig said.

Moral: Pride can be the worst thing ever, you have to avoid it.

Charlie and the Cheese

Based off of: The Fox and the Crow

One day, Charlie had a nice piece of cheese and was planning to eat it. Then, King Pigram walked by and said "Hello, Charlie. My, you have a nice voice. How would you like to sing for me?" "And why should I?" Charlie said. "You have a lovely voice, truly you would be the best singer!" So, Charlie put the cheese next to him, then he sang. "BEAUTIFUL!" King Pigram cried. Charlie began to eat the cheese. "Oh, please, sing again!" King Pigram begged. "Really?" Charlie asked. "Okay!" Charlie sang again, but choked on he cheese. Then the cheese choked out, and King Pigram caught it in his mouth. "What a delightful gift you gave me!" King Pigram sang. Charlie was very angry and beat up King Pigram, who popped and the cheese fell out, and Charlie ate it.


Little Dragon's Prank

Little Dragon

Little Dragon

Based off of: The Eagle, the Cat, and the Wild Sow

Mighty Dragon's lazy son, Little Dragon was relaxing in the warm sun. "You really need to go do something, son," his father told him. "You've been just sitting there for an hour. Why don't you go have some fun?" That gave Little D an idea. You see, Little D's idea of "fun" was only fun to him, not others. He wanted to pull a prank. He flew over to Davey's house and knocked on the door. "Hello?" asked Davey. "Don't leave your house!" Little D told him. "I heard the pigs are going to come and ambush you sometime this week!" "Really?" said Davey. His eyes narrowed. "Whatever those green bacon balls do, they're not getting me out of here!" "Good," said Little D. "Oh, and by the way," he added, closing the door, "I hope you have food saved, because you won't be able to come and get any." Little D flew off. Davey locked all his doors and windows in panic, and checked his food supply, which was empty. "Oh, NO!" cried Davey. Next, Little D flew across the path Carl's house and knocked on the door. "Hi, Lil' D!" said Fred, Carl's father. Carl hopped over. "What's up?" he asked. "It's the birds," said Little D. "They decided they don't trust you anymore and they're going to attack sometime this week!" "Oh, no!" said Carl. "Don't worry," said Fred. "We'll just keep all the doors and windows locked." "Okay, then," said Little D, flying away. "And don't forget to have a full food supply." "Carl, check the fridge," Fred told his son. It was empty. "Oh, NO!" cried Carl. A week went by, and Davey, Fred, and Carl finally built up the courage to come out of their homes. Little D was waiting for them, and when he saw how skinny they where, he couldn't contain his laughter. "You pranked us?" the pigs (and bird) said in usion. Little D stopped laughing. "This looks bad, doesn't i-" he flew off quickly.

Moral: Dragons are full of lies and gossip. Don't listen.

The Pig Who Cried Bird

Pig who cried bird

I have an idea!

Based off of: The Boy who Cried Wolf

The pig was lying down on the grass, being bored. "There's nothing to do!" he moaned. While he saw some pigs building some structures, he had an idea. "BIRD! THERE'S A BIRD!" cried the pig . All the pigs ran up to him. "Where's the bird?" King Pigram asked. The pig laughed, "I can't believe you felt for that one!" and everyone left. The next day, he did it again. "AHHHHHH! BIRD! HELP ME!" This time he cried even louder. The pigs were very gullible and ran up to him in a flash. "Where's the bird? We need to attack him!" said a helmet pig. "You guys fell for that, again?! I can't believe that!" the pig chuckled. "We had to interrupt our work for this? We actually thought you were in DANGER!" said King Pigram, "Do not do it, again" and the pigs stomped away in anger. For a few days the pig never joked for the bird crying again. For weeks, he didn't cry bird, not even months. Until one day, he saw a red bird pop an innocent lonely pig. "PIGS! THERE'S A BIRD!" No one listened. "THERE'S A RED BIRD, IT'S VERY POWERFUL!" No one answered. Few minutes later he reached to the pigs. "Why didn't you come?" he asked. "We don't believe a liar," King Pigram said.

Moral: Don't lie all the time!

The three little Pigs and Gerald

Once upon a time, there were three pigs. A small, a medium, and a helmet pig. They needed to build new homes because the ones they had were destroyed by the birds. The small pig stopped at a wood cutter bird who was snoozing away. he took some blocks and built himself a house. The other brothers went on. The medium pig came upon a stonecutter workshop, and he crept in and took some stone to build a house. The helmet pig went on. The helmet pig came upon Daniel building something while being turned around. He put some sleeping powder in Daniel's Apple cider while Daniel wasn't looking. Daniel fell for it, and the Helmet Pig stole some metal and a Blueprint while Daniel was dosed with sleeping powder. Terence had seen the pigs doing their evil deeds, and he was ANGRY! He came up to the small pig's house and said "Little pig, little pig, please let me in." The pig nearly jumped through the roof. "Not by the fuzz of my body I won't!" the small pig squeaked. "Then I'll jump, and I'll thump, and I'll knock that house down!" and he did. He followed the small pig to the next house. "Little pigs, little pigs, come let me in" "not by the fuzz on our bodies we won't!" they said, squeaking slightly. "Then I'll jump, and I'll thump, and I'll knock that house down!" and he did, with minimal problems at all. He followed the pigs to the next pig house, which was the "Cog in the Machine" gun with windows in it. They went inside, "Welcome brothers!" their helmet pig brother said. Terence knocked on the door and said "Little pigs, little pigs, come let me in!" "not by the fuzz of our bodies we won't!" "then I'll Jump, and I'll thump, and I'll knock your house down!" Terence tried, but it was made of pure bird-proof steel. Terence climbed the tube and jumped through the chimney. The metal mesh didn't stop him from getting to the pigs, and he popped all three of them.

The Helmet Pig and the Yellow Bird

A helmet pig and a yellow bird had a race. Yellow Bird won. END

The Pig and the Bird

Based off of: The Lion and the Mouse

King Pigram was minding his own business, he saw 3 blue birds. "Look, 3 little birds!" he chuckled. He picked them up. "Don't hurt us! We'll do anything!!!" one blue bird said. "Nonsense!" King Pigram said, and threw them away. An hour later, he was walking. But suddenly he stepped on a trap! He was all tied up, and couldn't escape. He was about to be killed. The 3 blue birds came and said, "We said we could do anything to help you, but you just made fun of our size, but we should still help you." so they helped him escape and King Pigram never called a bird "weak" again

Moral: Don't judge anybody by their size.

Daniel and the Fat Pig

Based off of: The Boy, The Jackel, and the Alligator

one day by a mud pit, Daniel was hopping along, when he heard a shout. it was the Fat Pig. "HELP ME!" screamed the Fat Pig, fake-crying. Daniel pulled as hard as he could untill "POP!" The Fat Pig came out. "now to EAT YOU!" the Fat Pig said, charging at Daniel. "Stop!" said Daniel, thinking fast. "i think before you do, let's talk to some of YOUR Friends. they can vote, if they all say eat me, then you can, but if they vote no, then you can't" Daniel said deftly. "Fine"! said the Fat pig, confident he would win. the first house they stopped at was King Pigram's house "should i eat him Sire?" the fat pig asked. "Daniel breaks my houses and wrecks my Pictures and kills my servants! yes, please do. The fat pig tried, but Daniel stopped him. "BUP BUP BUP! not yet, three more houses to go" they went to the next house, and the answer was yes, but yet again, Daniel said there was one last house to go on this street. the next house was Phil's house, and when fat pig knocked on the door, Phil sheiked noticing that Daniel was with him. "Should i eat him?" asked the fat pig. Phil thought on his feet. "how did he get into this?" The fat pig told phil about Daniel pulling him out of the mud. "i don't beleive that, i'll have to see a demonstration" phil said, knowing how to get Daniel out of it. so they went back to the mud pit, and the fat pig jumped in. "now pull me, Daniel." Daniel and Phil laughed. "You fell for that! we can't beleive you FELL FOR THAT!" they said. the fat pig cried, hoping his tears would make them help. "i'm not falling for THAT again." Daniel said. and with that, Phil and daniel hopped away. the fat pig soon popped of Starvation.

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