Andrew is a bird from the 99th dimension. His user account is here


Andrew intelligent and slightly aggressive,shy when meeting new people, and will go crazy if you make him as angry as Daniel into Semi-Dulk. He is almost always happy and loves blowing stuff up.


  • Explosion
  • Regenerates 15 seconds after dying(see below)
  • Shoots twin lasers from sunglasses
  • TNT throw
  • Spitting acid (when sick)
  • Dagger stab


These things Andrew can kill Andrew

  • Poison
  • Electricity
  • Blaster bullets, but no lightsabers
  • Lasers and plasma


  • Well I didn't expect THAT! (When something unusual happens)
  • BOOOOOOOOMMM!!!!!! (Catchphrase)
  • If looks could kill, they'd be looks from these (When talking about his sunglasses)
  • You say what? (Confused)
  • Once upon a time there was a bad piggie. It met Andrew and Andrew stabbed it. It died. The end. (To a pig when about to stab it)


Daniel, Tyler, Ryan, Carl etc.


Bad Piggies

King Pigram

Andbot 3000


  • Andrew set up the first restaurant on bird island, The Fat Pig.
  • When he was 8, his eyes were damaged. Now he has to wear sunglasses or he will go blind.
  • He was chosen to get help for the 99th dimension after it was taken over. He got the Gang.
  • His favourite color is purple.
  • He loves to eat bacon, but not raw pigs.
  • He is 10, turning 11 in a few months.
  • His Birdwarts house is Ravenclaw.
General Info
Powers Quite a few
First Level Appearance: N/A
First Story Appearance: The Bird from the 99th Dimension
Gender: Male
Species: Some strange 99th dimension bird
Strength: 2x stronger than a normal black bird
Birth Date: 14 December, 2001

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