An Angry Birds Story

A ~ Message ~ From ~ Ryan

Hello, Bird-Lovers! Thanks for reading one of the most anticipated stories of our wiki! In An Angry Birds Story, on a mission to retrieve stolen Sluethwing eggs by an unknown enemy, the gang is caught in a hurricane and marooned on a deserted island. However, this island holds many secrets, and before they know it, the birds are plunged into an epic adventure to uncover the secrets, defeat a new enemy, and find their way back home.

This is it. The epic adventure awaits. Will you go forth and join the journey?

Chapter ~ 1

An Angry Birds Story Chapter 1

"...Daniel to come back."

Ryan Redmond the yellow bird sat on the shore of the Piggy Island beach. Ryan was a conical shaped canary with a bubble-gum colored stomach. This was because of Ryan's attack mode. When a bird from Piggy Island felt threatened, they would immmediately activate their special power. Ryan's power was to blow a huge piece of bubble gum, and when it popped, it would send enemies in all directions.

Ryan's stepbrother Daniel, a friendly and intelligent cardinal, had traveled by ship to Sluethwing Island, a far off island inhabited by a unique race of dragons known as- you guessed it- Sluethwings. A few birds who lived on the island tamed and kept Sluethwings as pets, but when they grew up, Daniel would put them on his ship, The Big Brother Bird, and take them back to their island for them to mate. It was almost time for Daniel to return, and Ryan wanted to be there when he did to greet him.

Daniel wore a big newsboy cap, and a pair of high-tech orange goggles that had many more abilities then just protecting one's eyesight. Most of Daniel's power came from them. They were powered by Bird Emeralds, the most powerful gem in the world. Daniel's power was to use a Bird Emerald blast, blinding all enemies to death.

Tyler and Lewis Franks, Daniel and Ryan's cousins hopped over. Tyler was a silly guatemalan oriole who's power was to inflate like a balloon, crushing everything around him. Lewis, Tyler's brother, was a friendly and imaginative bluebird. Daniel had built him a pair of mulit-task goggles like his own. Lewis' power was to lock on to enemies and kill all enemies on impact.

"Hi Ryan!" Tyler peeped cheerfully.

"What's up, guys?" Ryan asked.

"Not much, how about you?" Lewis asked. 

"Oh, I'm just waiting for-," Ryan suddenly noticed The Big Brother Bird approaching.

"...Daniel to come back."

Chapter ~ 2

An Angry Birds Story Chapter 2
Daniel hopped off The Big Brother Bird.

"Hello, guys!" he greeted.

"Hi, Daniel!" Tyler called.

"How do you do?" Lewis asked.

"Have I missed much?" said Daniel

"Not really," said Ryan. "The past few days have been pretty slow."

By now the sun was going down. Daniel and Ryan hopped back to their house, while Tyler and Lewis hopped back to theirs. Ryan was very tired, so he went straight to sleep. Daniel, however, went to the backyard to check on their Sluethwings.

When he was checking on Violet, Ryan's purple Sluethwing, he saw something amazing. Violet had laid an egg! Daniel was amazed. Violet had already passed the usual age for sluethwings to lay eggs quite a while ago. Daniel quickly ran back into the house.

"Ryan! RYAN!" he called.

Ryan hopped out of his room wrapped in a blanket.

"What?!" he asked.

"Just follow me!" Daniel said, hopping back outside.

Confused, Ryan followed him back to the Sluethwing pin. Daniel gently moved Violet aside to show Ryan the eggs. The eggs, however, were gone! Daniel gasped.

"So, what did you want to show me?!" Ryan asked.

"I-It's gone!" Daniel said.

"What's gone?" Ryan asked.

"Violet laid an egg... someone must've STOLE it!" Daniel yelled.

Just then, a huge iluminated hovercraft appeared above the Redmonds' house. The two birds yelled in surpirise. Attached to the UFO was a giant claw.

"That claw is holding something."  Ryan observed.

"T-That's the egg!" Daniel screamed.

The UFO flew away at a super speed. The two birds were left wide-eyed and speechless.

Chapter ~ 3

An Angry Birds Story Chapter 3


"Okay, remind me why we're all going on this trip," Matrix said to Daniel as they all packed their things on The Big Brother Bird

"We know nothing about the enemy," Daniel explained. "It never hurts to have reinforcements."

"Do you even know where this 'enemy' is, exactly?" asked Kashy.

"No, but we lost sight of their weird spacecraft right over Sluethwing Island, that'll be our first search spot," Ryan said.

Kashy was an Antillean Bullfinch who exploded when Angry. Matrix was a cubical bird who harnessed the power of the matrix system, a massive hypnotizing system.

"So, uh, how long is this gonna take?" asked Tyler.

"We're gonna keep searching as long as it takes us," Daniel said. "The Sluethwings have done so much for us, and now it's time to return the favor. Now let's go!"

"I've got a bad feeling about this," said Lewis.

* * * *  *

Ten minutes later, the birds were out at sea. Daniel, at the controls of the ship, noticed some waves.

"Ryan, looks like it's about to get a little bumby. Let's put up the sails," he said.

"Aye, aye, Captain." Ryan said.

Daniel rolled his eyes. Ryan hopped over to the sail hoist, but the rope was missing! Lewis hopped over to him.

"Hey, Ryan, I took this random piece of rope off the ship," Lewis said. "It's a good job it's not important."

Ryan looked in the water. The sails were floating away. 

"Lewis," Ryan said. "THAT WAS THE SAIL HOIST!"

"Oh." Lewis said, suddenly realizing what he had done. "Welp. Won't be needing those. Hopefully..."

"Uh, guys, we have a problem!" Kashy called from the crow's nest. Through his telescope, Kashy had noticed that a storm was approaching.

"Ryan, get those sails up and fast!" Daniel called. 

"Uh, yeah, about that," Lewis said, holding up the rope.

Daniel nearly fell off the ship in shock.

"Yep. We're dead." said Matrix.

"Well, now what do we do?" asked Tyler.

"Pray and hope we don't die?" asked Daniel.

One of the barrels behind Daniel fell over.


Chapter ~ 4

An Angry Birds Story Chapter 4
Stephanie was a irritable galah bird. The gang had met her when Daniel ordered a time machine. She was in the box with the time machine, and claimed she was the "tour guide". Somehow, she immediately developed a rivalry with Ryan and would constantly argue with him. Now she had stowed away on The Big Brother Bird!

"What the... what is THAT doing here?!" asked Ryan.

"I have a name you know, you triangle!" Stephanie snapped back.

"Oh yeah, well-" Ryan was cut off by Daniel.

"Stephanie, who gave YOU permission to stow away on my ship?" Daniel asked sternly.

"Think for a minute, Newsboy," Stephanie said. "You guys are ALWAYS going on the adventures. It's always YOU who continuously save the island. It's always YOU who get to fight. I'm tired of letting you guys do everything. I'm coming with whether you like it or not."

"Do you think we WANT to always save the day? We do it because we HAVE to." Daniel yelled in protest.

"Well Stephanie, you're gonna have to deal with that with us," Lewis said, motioning to the storm.

"Hah, easy-peasy," Stephanie said. "We'll easily get through that."

"We have no sail," said Tyler.

"We can go down inside the ship," said Stephanie.

"It will only fit six birds," Daniel said. "You're number seven."

"Oh..." said Stephanie.

"Happy now?" asked Ryan.

"Oh, shut up." Stephanie groaned.

Large waves began forming around the ship.

"Now we're in for it." said Ryan.

"RUN!!!" Kashy yelled. The six birds rushed towards the inside of the ship. Suddenly, Lewis noticed something. "Is that water coming into a ship a good thing?" Lewis asked.

"Just great." Daniel exclaimed. "Now we are going to sink as well."

Tyler looked around desperately for a solution. Meanwhile, Stephanie had noticed something. One of the barrels was floating away. "I've got an idea!" Ryan said. "Everyone get in a barrel."


"Wait What?" Shouted the six other birds in unison.

Chapter ~ 5

Coming soon!

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