I was walking with my new recruit, Greyle. I was teaching him how to steal the eggs, despite getting beaten up a whole lot of times. Here's more to the story:

Chapter 1: Delicous Eggs!

We were strolling along, until Greyle interrupted and said, "Why are we getting the eggs, again?" I had to tell him the fourth time, "Birds have the eggs. Eggs are good. We just can't let the birds know we have it." A while later, we were like ninjas. We were sneaking and tip-toeing to the near bush to us and then to the bush near the eggs. We had to grab them carefully. And then... WE RAN OFF with the wind blowing the bird's faces. "Why does it feel cold all of a sudden?" Tyler asked, and Evan replied, pointing at us, "I think that's the answer."

Chapter 2: RUUUN!!!

We were running as fast as we could. We had to stop for about 2 or 3 seconds until a yellow bird with some kind of pink blurred out and hit my crown. I picked it up, and started running again. We had to dive in water, which we couldn't hold our breath any longer. As soon as the noise got quiet, I jumped out and gasped for air. "What's wrong with you?" Greyle asked as he jumped out, "You almost killed us!" he grabbed his turquoise hat and wrung it. "It's not my fault that we got attacked by bird and drowning in the pond!" "You jumped in the pond, insanely!" just then, a blue, swirly thing popped up.

Chapter 3: Whoa...

Strange discovery


"W-what is that?" I asked, scared. "It's... a portal? I don't know!" Greyle said. One of the eggs flew in the portal. "NOOOOOO!" I cried. "Pssh... be glad that we have the two portals. "Yeah, but that's not enough scrambled eggs." I said. "Oh COME ON! 2 eggs is enough! Now let's go before the birds catch us up." but the portal was pulling me, and I tried to run away. "HELP MEEE!" I screamed to Greyle. But he wasn't there, he was already in the portal, how fast. I grabbed the last egg before I went inside the portal.

Chapter 4: It's like the future...

I landed in the portal and my face slapped the floor. The 2 eggs rolled on my body and on the ground safely. Greyle grabbed the 3rd egg. I got back up, and saw the world. "It's the future!" I exclaimed. "No, it's the 4th dimension." a similar voice but a bit deep voice than me said. I looked around and saw a pig with a cool-looking metal crown - oh, that's me - with clean sunglasses, sweet! "Whoa, is this like where pigs take over?" I asked. "Naaah... birds took over" I (4th dimension) said, pointing to the city. There was birds by a metal cage, with lasers. Inside it was the eggs.

Chapter 5: Holy Cow!

"Hey look, the eggs!" I exclaimed! "We get those, we're meat," Greyle said. "It's a good thing we got these!" I said, patting an egg. A pig with this weird silver suit said, "Sire, we have to go! Hup, hup, the birds are coming!" he said. I heard clicking, and rumbling. Gee, he was right. "SCREEEAAAAAAAAM!!!" we... uh... screamed, and ran off. "Hey, the portal is still open!" Greyle said, and we all jumped in. "I should give you a promotion alreadyyy!" I said while in the portal.

Chapter 6: To make a long story short

We landed in the normal world and got beat up. The birds... got the... eggs unfortunately.


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