Chapter 1: That Virus

"Guys! Guys!" Clover called the gang holding a laptop with Minecraft on. He pressed the inventory button (E in his laptop), but instead of previewing the inventory, Clover became a bit distorted. "Now that's the problem." Ryan said as all feathers was toward the laptop. They all got sucked in the laptop and is stuck in Minecraft. "Great, now we're stuck!" Clover said, looking like a green block with an orange rectangle stretching out and having blocky hair and tail. "Yeah right." Daniel said, having the same look, with a leather cap (I'd replace his red hat with it when it comes to Minecraft, well only here) and a yellow shorter rectangle. Clover walked around to look for some trees to punch. Finally, they made a house. It looked a lot like the Redmond Mansion, but brown of planks and the white lines were made of logs. "Isn't this gonna burn up when griefers attack?" Ryan asked. "Probably. I play this before." Clover replied. They hid in the mansion when a cubical person with light purple bluish eyes, dark brown hair, aqua T-shirt and purple pants called Steve went by. "Wait, a house!" Steve said as he looked at the house. "Oh no..." Clover whispered. "What are we gonna do?" They were all creeped out of Steve.

Chapter 2: Place the Furniture

Ryan and Clover worked together to place the furniture. Ryan placed everything brown, black and the red bed, while Clover placed the furnace, enchantment table and another bed. When night came, instead of sleeping, they watched. A zombie was marching with a black tall creature with pink glowing eyes called an enderman, a green exploding creature with no arms and four hooves called a creeper, a skeleton, and a spider. The group seemed innocent. The zombie wore a white shirt ripped apart. They hid in the chest. They no longer heard noises. They picked up rotten flesh, pearls that have teleportation abilities called "Ender Pearl"s, gunpowder, bones and string. Then they mined and mined and mined. They heard music from Slamacow's Mining Zombies mixed up with SkyDoesMinecraft's public theme. They peeked out only to see the same marching crew. TBA

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