That night, Daniel and Ryan worked hard on building a special machine. The Next Morning, they waited for everyone to wake up. as soon as One of the Doors opened, a Pillow flew at the Lazer Bird that opened it's door. "Pillow-fight!" Ryan exclaimed. all the Doors opened and pillows flew Everywhere. Daniel and Ryan had been building the pillow-fighting machine the previous night. had made a pillow-fighting machine! Daniel open the door and closed the Screen door. Ryan followed. they heard a Rumble from the Rocket. the Door opened... and a orange popped out. Daniel Recognised him Instantly. Daniel Ran out. "TYLER!!" Daniel Yelled. The Orange Bird looked and Hopped Toward him "Daniel!" it Yelled. as they Met, they both hugged. the fresh air Seeped into the house, and the space birds turned back to their Regular Forms and Remembered Daniel and Ryan. and new Spaceships landed on earth Every day. Daniel had Freinds Agian, and Siblings too. Edna and Arnold Took care of Daniel and his Siblings

The End! Or is it...?

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