Note, none of this ever happened,  this is an F.F.S. Story


in the Year 2099, Most Birds died from a Disease... all except for Daniel. this story is based on the song "Plant Life" By Owl City. not all Birds died, some went into space and were Never seen again. Ryan had gone on a hike and never returned.

Chapter 1

Daniel sat by the eggs, he brought them in them house. he locked the door so no Pigs could get in. he went Downstairs, and looked in the sink, there were Fish-Birds in it. he fed them and went into the Den. he saw a Bear-Bird reading his textbooks. Daniel went back to the Eggs. he put them in an old Wagon. he went through the Woods. he began waltzing to seem-to-be music, crickets chimed in, the Trees swayed almost to keep time to music. Daniel pulled out a Guitar, and played music. he went home. and when he went inside, he saw Strawdina agian. he stared. he put the Eggs in the Living room and wrapped them in an electric blanket. he went upstairs. he Opened the Attic door slowly... Bat-Birds Flew out like Traffic. he climbed up into the Attic and sat down. he looked at the Ladder, he could have sworn he heard someone walking behind him. he looked, there seemed to be shadows of hiding birds.he picked up his flashlight and shined it on one of them, it was just bunch of Stuff that made the apearance of a White Bird in Darkness. he tunred around. he stopped in his tracks. there, was Strawdina! Daniel Blinked, she disappeared. A tear rolled down Daniel's cheek. He was alone on Earth. Then he heard a knock on his door. "Oh, no!" Daniel thought. "A pig must have survived and is tricking me to letting him in!" he went downstairs and peered throught the peephole. It was... RYAN! Daniel opened the door and hugged him. "I can't believe I found my way back!" Ryan exclaimed. "I stayed alive by killing some pigs I found in the forest." Then the two birds Heard a rumble outside. and something Burning.

What's Happening? Find out in part 2!

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