Happy 2013!!! :D

Chapter 1: Uhh, what?

Countdown machine

It's a prototype.

Daniel invited the gang outside. There was this weird machine counting backwards. "Behold," he started, "is the technology for what's left of time for this very year until the next!" then everything was quiet. "It's a countdown for 2013." he said. "Ohh, why didn't you say that?!" Clover asked. "I wanted to be smart. Now, all I do is type these codes, then it will malfunction properly and we'll just see the time go." "So you're saying that we'll just stand in the cold while watching the time ticking?" Kashy said. "Yeeaa- nooo, let's get hot chocolate" Daniel said. So, they went inside for hot chocolate and sleeping bags.

Chapter 2: Who's going to clean it?

So everyone was inside their sleeping bags. "Okaaay, so where were we?" Daniel said. "Inside the house," Clover said. "No, no, no! I mean- oh, now I know! So this timer will explode with confetti everywhere," Daniel said. "I'm not gonna clean it," Kashy said, stepping back a few inches. "You know me, my brain works too fast. I can clean a mess, but not a mess with small pieces," Ryan said. "Me won't cwean it!" Hamm giggled, even though he barely understood.. "Don't count on me, I have an F- on cleaning," Tyler said. Then everyone started chanting of who's going to clean it. "OKAY, OKAY, I'll clean it!" Daniel said. "Oh, good. How many pieces of confetti are there?" Lewis asked. "Uhh, about 35,000,000. But if you're so interested, how about I won't clean it, you will, Lewis." Daniel said. "Wait, what?" said Lewis. "I'll need your giant vacuum!" Remembering what happened to the last giant vacuum, Dan decided to get a robot to do it. "Hahahaha, vaccums," said Evan.

Chapter 3: NOOO!

Meanwhile at the Pig's Fortress, Pigram has been grumpy the last few days. "MORE GRUB! NOOOW!!!" he commanded. As he ate, he talked, "I don't like this grub! I want the eggs! You two!" He looked at two minions. "Give me the eggs! And fast!" he screamed. "O-okay sir." They said, and went off. At the bird's place. "Wow that hot chocolate was good," Bob said. "Yum, if only we had marshmallows, though..." he continued. Now to the piggies, they had TNT boxes, one pig got a match, and scratched it on their partner's you-know-what. "Yee-OUCH!" he screamed. The bird noticed the pigs behind the machine. "OKAY DESTROY THE MACHINE!!" he said, surprisingly fast. The machine went BOOM! "King Pigram isn't going to be happy!" they said as they ran away.

Chapter 4: This and that

They walked to the machine, broken to pieces. Of course the confetti was still there, but made a bigger mess. "C'mon, let's fix it! We put this," Kashy said, "and put it there..." he continued. A few minutes later, it was like the un-broken version, just with some gaps and mis-places. It collapsed to pieces, again. Daniel exclaimed "Ah, forget it! We'll never finish this! No exploding confetti! This took me 2 weeks!" Everyone was asleep after that, except Daniel and Ryan. "Ugh, I feel tired," Ryan said, weakly. "It's almost 2013! Do you wanna do the countdown?" Daniel replied. Ryan was looking at the timer. "Ryan?" Daniel said.

Chapter 5: 4, 3, 2, 1!!

"Daniel, we don't need confetti, we just need the timer!" Ryan said, pointing at the timer. "Oh, you're right. Now I unscrew this and put the wires there..." Daniel said, fixing. "... and there!" Daniel finished. Now, they needed to wake up everybody. "HEY! IT'S FIXED! IT'S FIXED!" Ryan screamed. "Aww... I wasn't finished with my dream," Lewis said. "It's not fixed, it's still broken," Tyler said. "It is! We just have to countdown on this clock thingy," Kashy said. "We have to countdown for the last 10 seconds, so we installed the timer with the seconds!" Daniel said. It was 0:18, and everyone was excited! It was now 15 seconds. Oh well, we can't keep saying the - ooh, it's 10 seconds! "10, 9 8..." everyone counted, "...7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! HAPPY NEW YEAAAR!"

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